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Great Couples: "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" and Abbey

Sep 05, 2013

It's been a few weeks since our last Great Couples pairing — what can I say, life is busy, y'know? — and it's exciting to get back to pairing great films with great New Belgium beers. This week is special, too, because not only is the selected film based in Denver, but the Tour de Fat is swinging through Denver on Saturday. The Tour, however, will be far less morose than "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead." Also, that's a really long name for a film, so let's just call it "That Denver Thing."

beer shoots

I must admit I'd never heard of this film until Juicebox enlightened me. For that, I am thankful, because it's a darn good watch. Andy Garcia plays Jimmy "The Saint" Tosnia, a former mile-high mobster turned entrepreneurial tax-paying citizen. Like all great films about the Game, though, "Saint" Jimmy finds it's hard to walk away from the criminal underworld.

He's forced into doing a piece of work after a debt is called in, and, long story short, he and his buddies bungle it. The rest of the film entails "Saint" Jimmy deciding how to live his last couple days in Denver knowing that a highly respected and very successful assassin named Mr. Shhh is coming for him. Mr. Shhh is played by Steve Buscemi, by the way, and he's awesome.

diner Abbey?

Anyway it's all very sad and a lot of people unnecessarily die. On the upside, though, Denver's Bluebird Theatre is featured quite a bit, though it was during a period when the famed venue hosted events far less wholesome than rock concerts. 

So how on earth does Abbey pair with "That Denver Thing?" Here's how. "Saint" Jimmy is one classy dude: he wears classy suits, uses classy words, has classy hair and approaches low-level crime with a degree of class not seen since the Boston Tea Party. 

You know what else is classy? Abbey.

Having won four World Beer Cup medals and eight medals at the Great American Beer Fest, it's one of our best — not to mention oldest — brews. It pairs well with chocolate, which is dang classy in its own right, and is best enjoyed by candlelight with your special someone, if you know what I mean. It's never been affiliated with organized crime, as far as I'm aware of, so that comparison doesn't fly — I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. 

noze beerz

So go watch "That Denver Thing," and maybe crack open an Abbey if you feel so inclined. Take it from me, it's a pretty good time.

It was fun to see what Denver looked like in the mid-1990s, but I'm excited to experience 2013 Denver on Saturday during the Tour de Fat. Hopefully I'll see you there.

Cheers — Nic The Intern


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