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Press Play Wednesday (part 1)

Oct 23, 2013

Welcome to the new Wednesday– Press Play Wednesday. It's a new day that we made up. It is an attempt to change the way we use the internet (us, not you (you are free to use the internet however you like)). Press Play Wednesday is the day in which Nic the Intern and (or) I pick a great video and put it on the Blog (this blog).

No videos will be overlooked. We will put some videos up from The New Belgium canon, but then some will come from other sources, some will be about beer, some won't. It's going to be a video free for all... 

Today, the first post of Press Play Wednesday, I picked a New Belgium video, about beer. But do't get used to it... 

I present to you The Hop Burp – Rampant EP3

Hope you like it, good luck, and we'll talk soon.