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Great Couples: "Aspen Extreme" and Accumulation

Oct 25, 2013

Aspen Extreme and accumulation

"'Top Gun' on the ski slopes!"

New Belgium's winter seasonal, Accumulation, is likely hitting your neighborhood beverage store as you read this. That means it's prime time for another installment of our Great Couples series, which pairs awesome New Belgium beers with sometimes awesome/sometimes not-awesome films.

This week, the film half of the pairing is, well, leaning toward the not-awesome side of the dopeness continuum. Let me explain, then, why we would want to pair Accumulation, which is a darn good brew, with a mid-tier, never-should-have-made-it-to-the-big-leagues film like "Aspen Extreme."

But to get there, we first have to spend a sentence on Accumulation. A white IPA, Accumulation revolts against the traditional dark winter seasonal — it's doing it's own thing, because sometimes you gotta mix it up to stay fresh like the prince of Bel Air.

Enter "Aspen Extreme," a film about two childhood buddies from Detroit who grow tired of the same-old same-old. So what do they do about it? They change course, try something new, seek new lives — they move to Aspen, of course! 

What follows is a train wreck of Hollywood budgets stuffed with neon ski suits, drug addiction, feudal ski-instructors, vaguely-European Europeans and a powder 8 ski race — similar to this one — that might have been cool when the film was released.

To put it another way, "Aspen Extreme" is a guilty pleasure.

Aspen extreme and accumulation

Oh, and did I mention that accumulation is a reference to the snow we receive here in Colorado? Or that Aspen, which also gets a lot of snow, is also in Colorado? Yeah, those are a couple other reasons why this pairing works.

Anyway, bad, uh ... everything ... aside, "Aspen Extreme" is a film about getting outside of your comfort zone and breaking the mold. We salute that spirit here at New Belgium, and it's why we're happy to offer up Accumulation this winter. So go find some at your local beer shop, grab an old copy of "Aspen Extreme" and cozy up to a fire. The good beer makes the bad movie WAY better, I promise.

Cheers — Nic The Intern


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