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Look, new foeders! (with more sour beer to come)

Nov 25, 2013

New Belgium foeders

Who loves sour beers? 

If you said "me," well, awesome, because this post is for you. Brewing sour beers is in our blood here at New Belgium, and today we're one step closer to making even more of them.

We came into possession of 32 foeders — the wooden barrels used to age sours — a while back, and have been working to get them producing delicious lip-puckering brews. It's been quite the process — first they needed to be transported from their former home, then they were stored while new flooring was constructed especially for their needs. But it's all been worth the effort.

Twelve of the French oak behemoths were moved to their new home inside the brewery this weekend.

New Belgium foeders

The number of New Belgium foeders currently producing sours is (also) 32, meaning that, once this whole move is complete, our sour beer production will roughly double. Awesome-sauce, right?

We're talking more La Folie and Le Terroir, among other things. 

There's still another 20 foeders to move into the brewery, and it'll be at least two years before any from this new batch start producing beer. But the future is looking bright for sour fiends (of which I am one.) 

I'll keep you updated as the process moves along. For now, we're hoping to have all 32 new foeders placed by mid-December.

New Belgium foeders

Cheers — Nic The Intern