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Press Play Wednesday: Long Play Edition

Apr 02, 2014

Every Wednesday we mine internet gold, forge it into a ring of beauty and love, then present it to you, on bended knee. Here we are again, at Press Play Wednesday. 

Up until this point PPW has been a trove of short form video topics ranging from beer information and humor to goats. Today everything changes. We're going long form, and we're going bicycles. Now, I know not all of you will watch this, it's long and niche in nature. But, to those that do watch it, it is sooooooo worth it (extra O's for emphasis). This is "A Sunday In Hell." Paris-Roubaix is a professional bike race that happens in the northern regions of France. The 2014 edition is scheduled to go off April 13, and it is promising to be hard to ride and fun to watch. "A Sunday In Hell" is a film about the 1976 running of Paris-Roubaix. It takes every imagined perspective, it's dramatic, beautifully shot, and shows the deepest, most wonderful parts of this long and terrible bike race.

Oh, and pair this film with a couple Fat Tires (they go together perfectly).

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Enjoy this, and we'll talk on Friday. 



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