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How to Pair Fat Tire with Thanksgiving

Nov 15, 2016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means heaps of food washed down by pints of beer. Sure, you could just serve any old beer that’s in your fridge, but that really wouldn’t give your guests something to give thanks for would it? Over the next week, we’re gathering some of the great minds at the brewery to point out the perfect New Belgium beer and Thanksgiving spread pairings. So, get out your notebook: Today Lauren Salazar, wood cellar and specialty brand manager, returns to tell us how Fat Tire is pretty much the best pairing beer ever (especially with Thanksgiving leftovers).

Good idea: “It’s the greatest pairing beer in the world. It’s medium everything: Medium body with a nice approachable aroma. There’s a nice balance of bitter and caramel with a little fruit. For the easiest pairing, work with the [sweet] caramelization. You can go sweet potatoes or even gravy. Fat Tire gets all that stuff down your gullet,” says Salazar.

Bad idea: There really isn’t one!

Perfect Thanksgiving pairing: “Fat Tire is leftover day: Turkey sandwich with cranberry and wheat bread. It’s all about day two, sitting watching sports—that’s where it shines. It’s in a can, in the fridge and everyone’s making leftovers on their own.”


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