Go Panthers!

Now that we have your attention, just wanted to give you guys a little update. We’re test brewing now and aiming for Asheville brewed beer this spring. That said, we’re really focused on quality and consistency and we’ll take the time we need to get it just right. But we’re so ready for it. Check out our Citradelic label, it already says Fort Collins, CO and Asheville, NC! We are also working with our construction and artist partners to finish up the Liquid Center and Brew house, installing art pieces in anticipation of having a pint with you this Spring! Right now, it’s looking like you’ll be able to come have a pint in the Liquid Center by April. Our construction partners are moving as fa...
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Brownfield to Brewery: Artists respond to transition of place

When we went looking for an east coast home back in 2009, one thing that was a little unusual about our search was that we were seeking a brownfield site or a site that needed to be improved as part of our development process. In 2012, we purchased 18 acres along the west bank of the French Broad River in Asheville’s River District and remediated the brownfield to build our east coast home and address the environmental wellness of the place. WNC Livestock Market circ: 1970 (courtesy: UNC-A Archives) (L) and same site circ. 2013 prior to New Belgium construction (LEAP Aerial Photography) We worked with Old Town Salvage Company and DH Griffin to deconstruct and salvage the old reusable m...
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Happy New Year, what a year!

Happy holidays and nearly New Year to you and yours! The last 3 years have been a marathon with literally thousands of people and hundreds of partners getting this brewery, Liquid Center and Distribution Center up and running. Guys, we are getting so close to Asheville-brewed beer and we are so grateful!  It's getting steamy up in here! We are test brewing and aiming for saleable Asheville-brewed beer in early 2016. We’ll open our Liquid Center (tasting room) by the end of February with a special Asheville opening weekend in early April. In April, you’ll also be able to sign up online for a tour of our Asheville brewery. We’ll host a grand opening and 25th anniversary celebration in Aug...
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