Site construction will be a challenging time. Truck traffic will increase and there will be noise and dirt. We will abide by all City noise ordinances, and we’ll take care to keep the process as efficient as possible.  The Craven Street Improvements happening around the brewery are a City of Asheville project, and information below guides you to the proper contacts.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time.


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SITE UPDATE RECORDING + VOICE MAIL 828-333-6900 or 888-598-9552



Non-Emergency Off-Site Concern
Marsha Stickford, City of Asheville Neighborhood Liaison: 828-259-5506  

McCray Coates, City of Asheville Craven Street Project Manager: 828-259-5966

City of Asheville Citizen Alert System
Call 2-1-1 and ask to receive the City’s Delta Alerts via phone or sign up for them online 

Hear more about Craven Street Improvements, including road and greenways, at the City's project website


We are meeting with the boards, community leaders, of neighborhood and business associations adjacent to our site in order to get to know our neighbors and hear collective concerns and input.  We're grateful to these groups for getting together with us and helping us know more about the community.  Below are minutes to these meetings.

Here are summaries from our past Leader Roundtable meetings:

2012July 27, 2012     September 7, 2012    November 1, 2012    November 29, 2012   

2013: January 3, 2013   April 8, 2013   May 28, 2013   August 8, 2013

October 22, 2013  

2014January 2014 March 2014 July 2014

Get Involved with your Neighborhood or Business Association

If you are a neighbor and you'd like to get involved, please contact Marsha Stickford, to find your neighborhood or business association contact.