Site Update: May 29 - Summer 2013

May 29, 2013


Future New Belgium Brewing - Asheville Site taken on May 28, 2013

Jay Richardson, New Belgium Asheville GM, takes a look at milled wood to be reused for flooring/siding.

Deconstruction is nearly complete on our West Asheville/River District site. Our reusable materials have been moved to a storage area until we're ready to re-purpose them.  The site is 2-3 weeks away from being completely deconstructed.  

With deconstruction complete, we are adjusting our construction timeline by about 8 months, meaning that now that deconstruction is nearly complete, we will continue with site development and building construction in 2014.  With recent additions to our capacity in Fort Collins, we realized we could adjust our schedule in Asheville to avoid a few grey hairs, and that sounded real fine..  Jay Richardson, General Manager of New Belgium Asheville, met with the City and contractor partners and the Leaders' Roundtable on Tuesday to share this information.

In the meantime, we'll continue to work with our partners on the bike and pedestrian infrastructure in the area, such as providing financial support for a sidewalk and bike lane from Craven to Beechum's Curve in West Asheville and investing in and supporting infrastructure improvements.  This timeline adjustment may also allow the City more "elbow room" in working on Craven Street improvements, enabling them to use our site for construction vehicles and a detour route through our site.

We will be reviewing several timeline scenarios with our construction partners in June of 2013 and develop our plan based on those options.  Once we finalize details, we'll reach out with more information as well as send a letter to our neighbors within a 2 mile radius of the site to keep them posted.  Though with vacant buildings now down on site, we feel the site is likely more secure than even before we purchased the property, we are still maintaining human security presence on the site.  In the meantime, find Site Updates and Information here.


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Timeline Adjustment