Cycle to Farm (you thought we were going to say Beer!)

Jul 09, 2013

 Cycle to Farm Stop  Crossing the divide

Cycle to Farm is a bike ride with stops at well, yes, local farms!  Really, it’s a series of bicycle rides that encourage cycling and support local food, local farms and a variety of charitable causes.  CTF-Black Mountain takes place Saturday, July 20.

CTF began in 2012 with a metric century ride (that’s 63 miles) in Black Mountain, NC, and this year includes multiple locations and ride difficulties.  Cyclists stop at farms, taste foods, take a break and purchase items along the way.  The event culminates with a fun party, celebrating cycling, local food and craft beer.

We partnered with CTF during their inaugural ride in 2012, and are proud to be back in the saddle this year for the CTF-Black Mountain. The metric century ride was sold out two months ago!  We think people like the idea!  We know we do.  Sponsoring events, or eventing, is huge part of the way we connect and have fun with our friends and support ideas that make our communities great, like CTF.  Some of the most interesting people we meet are through our event sponsorships.  We think Asheville is a lot like we are…the people are innovative, curious, and creative.  

If you miss CTF-Black Mountain, you’re in luck!  You can sign up for Cycle to Farm Sandy Mush on September 28, 2013, check it out. UNC-TV will show you more from last year.

CTF was created by Velo Girl Rides, LLC, a North Carolina company that leads agritourism bicycle tours to beautiful places, including visits to farms.  Wanna take a cool ride, new or experienced cyclist?  Check out Velo Girl Rides.  

We’ll see you there!




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