Hey Jay: Asheville-brewed Beer by end of 2015

Aug 09, 2013


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It's been a nice few days being out and about in Asheville with my wife (who loves it here).  Meeting and picnicking with community leaders and business owners in West Asheville, as well as City partners has been great too.  Just wanted to provide an update to our timeline adjustment:


We will break ground on our Craven Street site in West Asheville by early 2014. Since May, we have been convening with co-workers, building and design partners, and city partners to adjust our site building timeline.

  We adjusted our timeline in late May 2013 because it made sense for our business and our partners. This adjustment was the result of increased capacity coming online in Fort Collins this year, taking us through 2015 sales projections.


We have always been committed to Asheville; there was never a doubt about the site and community we chose.  One thing that’s important to know about us is that we make decisions as a team; we’re not afraid to adjust when our team decides it’s necessary. The timeline adjustment allows us to maximize efficiencies at both breweries and to open Asheville at the exact moment we need it to come online.


Our Asheville brewery will be in production by the end of 2015. Once underway, the construction phase will take place over about 22 months.

My colleague Jim Spencer and I just met with our City team to discuss permitting and process, which affects groundbreaking dates and we’ll announce them when permitting is final. We also met with the Leaders’ Roundtable and businesses located east of I-240 (thanks to all our partners for help with this) to share this update and answer questions.  Once we get closer to breaking ground, we’ll re-start our construction communications, which will include sending out our second mailed letter to any residences or businesses within a mile or so of the site. 


Our capacity at full build out will be 500,000 barrels annually.  Initial projections allowed for a Phase 2 construction plan that could potentially reach 750,000 barrels. This change reflects the craft brewing growth potential in the U.S. today. This capacity shift also means the total trucks coming to and from the brewery will be fewer than we initially calculated.


We are still in the process of purchasing a site for the distribution center.  Purchasing the site for the DC, as you can imagine, is more complicated and takes more time than purchasing a house. We’ll announce the DC location once the details of the agreement are finalized with the seller. The DC will be built at the same time as the brewery.


In addition to ongoing collaborations with design, brewing equipment and construction partners this summer and fall, we’ve been working with some community folks to develop bike and pedestrian infrastructure, as well as partnered on a few reuse building projects in the area. All of our recovered materials slated for re-purposing have been down-streamed to contractors or put into storage for future use.


Please feel free to submit questions to AshevilleBrewery@NewBelgium.com. We’re very excited about moving forward! This blog, along with updates from these Leaders’ Roundtable members, is where you can find accurate updates about our plans. 

River Arts District Business Association

West Asheville Business Association

East West Asheville Neighborhood Association


Pollinate Collaborations/Pollinate Asheville


Jay Richardson, GM Asheville

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