END OF MAY 2014: Beginning of Deep Foundation Piles

May 23, 2014

END OF MAY 2014:  Beginning of Deep Foundation Piles

Anticipated neighborhood impact: 4 of 5 (noise and trucks)

As our weather becomes more conducive for outdoor work, activities on the construction site are changing more rapidly.  Accordingly, we will post updates more frequently. 

Deep Foundation Piles – Given the generally unstable soil conditions of our site, certain sections of the brewery and all of the Liquid Center must rely on deep foundation piles, i.e. steel H-beams driven into the ground until reaching bedrock.  This process is loud, with ground vibration being felt by neighbors closest to the site.  We’ve contracted a local geotechnical firm to monitor noise and vibration levels along the perimeter of our site during this process.  Installation of piles for the brewery began 20-May and should continue through the end of June.

Soil Import for Flood Plain Mitigation – The first half of the soil import process is complete. The southern half of the site should begin receiving soil early June with a 1-week duration (weather dependent, of course).  The truck traffic will be heavy, with almost all trucks using Riverside Drive to get to and from the site.


·         Concrete Foundations – will begin in June 9 with a 7-8 week duration

·         Craven Street (City project) – anticipated start in mid-June.

·         Site Grading – will continue into late June.

·         Deep Foundation Piles for the Liquid Center – anticipated start early July with a 2-week duration.



·         The standard work week is five days.  While the target is to work Monday through Friday, schedule delays will cause the work week to extend into the weekend on occasion (with Sunday being the rare occasion).

·         Work will begin no earlier than 7 AM on weekdays and 8 AM on the weekend.



Please be aware, this is an active and secured construction site.  Thank you for respecting the safety boundaries of the site.



If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail us at AshevilleBrewery@NewBelgium.com or leave us a voicemail at 828-333-6900.  We will get back with you.  Also, you can find answers to FAQs at http://www.newbelgium.com/community/ashevillebreweryfaq.aspx.


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