City Begins Improvements on Craven Street

Jul 21, 2014

Craven Street runs along our brewery and Liquid Center location in West Asheville, and the Craven Street construction starts today, July 21, 2014 and continues through December 2015. The City has chosen Tennoca for the Craven Street contract.

The City encourages citizens to avoid Craven from July 2014-July 2015 as much as possible.  Schedules may change based on weather and material availability. A press release from the City with more information is here.  Other City resources:

Details on the improvements.

Here’s an easy one-pager with some background, closing and contacts, including anticipated street closures.

Here's a link to the City’s Craven Street Improvements Project Page 

Craven Street Cross Section from the City's website-this is what Craven Street will look like upon completion, with bike lanes, sidewalks and landscaping.

  • Improve Craven Street from Haywood Road to Emma Road-the road will be widened to the east of the current layout in order to accommodate trucks and to include bike lanes, necessary storm-water infrastructure, and an ADA compliant sidewalk on Craven Street from Haywood Road to the Craven Street Bridge. 
  • A realignment of the intersection of Craven Street and Hazel Mill Road will significantly improve transportation navigation issues and increase public safety.


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