• September 17, 2014: Site Update - Craven Street

    HAPPENING NOW Malt Silos Preparation – Anticipated neighborhood impact: 3 of 5 (material delivery, setting steel columns) Malt Silos store malt for brewing Malt Silos construction will begin with setting steel columns in the next week and continue through November.  The Malt Silos are located within the retaining walls on the west end of the site.  The nine silos will be constructed in pieces and then walled in later this year. While the process begins in mid-September, visually, you will see it starting to take shape around mid-October. Site Panorama - see the site from the inside    Cellar Foundations...


  • August 18, 2014: Distribution Center Site Update

    We’re moving right along with progress on our Distribution Center (DC), starting to pour foundations.  By the end of this week (weather pending) we will pour nearly 2,000 cubic yards of concrete.  That’s roughly 250 concrete truck fulls or enough to pour about 120 slabs for a 1,500 SF house! We expect the DC walls to be raised by September 2014 and the building to be complete by Spring of 2015.  We'll ship beer along the East Coast from the DC in Enka-Candler. And, we have a new DC neighbor! Wicked Weed Brewing is building a production brewery next door...


  • August 7, 2014: Site Update-Craven Street

    HAPPENING NOW Concrete Foundation Work-Anticipated neighborhood impact: 3 of 5 (expanded work hours and concrete trucks) Foundation work has begun and runs through the first of next year.  You will see increased trucks along Riverside Dr. and Craven St., and you may see some on Haywood Rd.  You will see material deliveries and trucks on site. We have obtained a permit from the City for expanded work hours for concrete work. The expanded hours are necessary due to a schedule delay with concrete preparation and a hard date for sections of the concrete to be complete by September ...


  • City Begins Improvements on Craven Street

    Craven Street runs along our brewery and Liquid Center location in West Asheville, and the Craven Street construction starts today, July 21, 2014 and continues through December 2015. The City has chosen Tennoca for the Craven Street contract. The City encourages citizens to avoid Craven from July 2014-July 2015 as much as possible.  Schedules may change based on weather and material availability. A press release from the City with more information is here.  Other City resources: Details on the improvements. Here’s an easy one-pager with some background, closing and contacts, including anticipated street closures. Here's a link to the ...


  • July 8, 2014 Site Update – Craven Street

    We have a shift in the pile driving schedule from our Early July Update. Thank you for bearing with us during this construction process, which is, at times unpredictable, with timelines and processes shifting day by day and sometimes even hour by hour.  We're doing our best to keep you posted. Update below. Good news –Pile driving will stop temporarily. We anticipate this temporary stop happening by the end of the week of July 7, earlier than our original estimated stop date of mid to end of July. Bad news – While we wish it were complete, pile driving is not ...


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