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  • City Begins Improvements on Craven Street

    Craven Street runs along our brewery and Liquid Center location in West Asheville, and the Craven Street construction starts today, July 21, 2014 and continues through December 2015. The City has chosen Tennoca for the Craven Street contract. The City encourages citizens to avoid Craven from July 2014-July 2015 as much as possible.  Schedules may change based on weather and material availability. A press release from the City with more information is here.  Other City resources: Details on the improvements. Here’s an easy one-pager with some background, closing and contacts, including anticipated street closures. Here's a link to the ...


  • Summer 2014: Distribution Center Site Update

    In January 2014, we secured our location for our distribution center in Enka Center off Highway 19/23 in Enka-Candler, NC. It's about 8 miles from the brewery and Liquid Center site on Craven Street.  Since that announcement, product demand and construction efficiency are driving our decision to build the full 141,000 sq ft facility in one swoop rather than in two phases. We will distribute beer made at our Asheville brewery across the East coast from this location.  Hiring will begin in early 2015. More below the photo. Site preparation at our DC began late this spring 2014.  ...


  • Early July 2014 Site Update: Brewery and Liquid Center

    Thank you for your patience as we continue with pile driving on site to stabilize the foundation for our brewery and Liquid Center on Craven Street in West Asheville. We are moving as efficiently as possible to complete the process.  The construction process is, at times, unpredictable, altering timelines and processes day by day and sometimes even hour by hour. If you have questions or want to talk in person, please get in touch by phone or email. Update below the images. HAPPENING NOW Deep Foundation Piles for the Liquid Center (South end of the site) - Anticipated neighborhood impact: ...


  • END OF MAY 2014: Beginning of Deep Foundation Piles

    END OF MAY 2014:  Beginning of Deep Foundation Piles Anticipated neighborhood impact: 4 of 5 (noise and trucks) As our weather becomes more conducive for outdoor work, activities on the construction site are changing more rapidly.  Accordingly, we will post updates more frequently.  Deep Foundation Piles – Given the generally unstable soil conditions of our site, certain sections of the brewery and all of the Liquid Center must rely on deep foundation piles, i.e. steel H-beams driven into the ground until reaching bedrock.  This process is loud, with ground vibration being felt by neighbors closest to the ...


  • May 2014 Site Update: Monthly Overview

    MAY 2014:  Preparing site for building construction Anticipated neighborhood impact: 4 of 5 (noise and trucks) The focus remains on preparing the site for building construction, and the end of this phase is in sight!  Although the early-spring wet weather caused schedule delays, we’ve been able to use more dirt from the “upper” half of the site (i.e. between Haywood Road and Penland Creek) than was expected.  This has decreased the need for off-site soil and delayed its delivery until now. Soil Import – To continue to raise the site out of the flood plain, the importing of soil is ...


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