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  • We made a new beer with Clutch, it's called Clutch, and it is great!

    That's right folks, beer lovers and lovers of hard rock will be further intermingling by the end of this week (or maybe the next (depending where in our distribution area you live)) because Clutch is about to hit the shelves.  This beer started as a chance encounter in a sandwich shop between a band (Clutch) and a fan (NBB brewer Eric Salazar), play the video to check out the story, it's pretty awesome. Now that you're fully entertained (you know, visually) let's stimulate your mind and your taste buds.  Clutch is a dark sour ale, and a very good one.  After many minutes of wandering the beer factory looking for a bottle to sample I found hidden under a shelf in the cooler, I grabbed ...

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