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  • Great News!

    Starting today me and my compatriot (Simpsonic) are on the road following the US pro Cycling Challenge. For the next 8 days you (the reader) are going to be soaked in the fun of this event. We are also changing up the format of this medium for that time as well. I'm going to be posting, Simpsonic is going to be posting, we'll both be posting at the same time... Things are going to get weird, and awesome. So for today, me and then him. Here it goes:


    Well we made it, all the way to Durango. It took us almost 9 hours in the New Belgium team car, but we did it. On the road is Simpsonic and myself (ol' Juicebox) and starting today we launch our total sports coverage from the US Pro Cycling Challenge... Are you ready for the ride (see what I did there? It's a pun...).

    Here is a pic of the team car in Pagosa Springs (with team bikes loaded):


    And before leaving Pagosa Springs we stumbled across this very welcoming banner (on the side of an apparently abandoned building):


    Upon arrival we headed up to Fort Lewis College to get all unloaded, decompress (have a beer) and do a little hop-knobbin' with out pals at Ska Brewing and Something Independent. We did a sweet toast with some beers, it was fun. I would show you a picture, but they took it on their camera, and I forgot to give them my camera to get another. Ah well, check out Something Independent for that shot (it's a great one), and check them out for lots of other stuff too, they're here at the Pro Challenge all week as well. 

    After the hob-knobbing Simpsonic and I headed up to our room. We're staying on campus at Fort Lewis, nice room (just like the college days). Fort Lewis was nice enough to send the welcoming committee (things are different down here in the four corners):

    I offered, but she declined the beer.

    Immediately following this posting we are headed downtown to hang out at the Pro Challenge kick off block party. And then the race starts tomorrow. So be ready for all the total sports coverage that was promised starting then... 

    Until the day after today,




    What a Friday! The last day before we leave town for the US Pro Challenge and the excitement crackled out my ears as we tried to load our reformatted commercials to NBC(aclientaccountmanagerdoeswhatnow…?). After much ado involving production houses on both coasts, NBC, a field team in Durango and yrz truly sweating bullets on deadline…  Success! We're locked to run our classic Tinkerer spots on NBC and Versus during the Pro Challenge!

    Originally shot by Jake Scott, son of Ridley ("let's shoot 'em on 16!") in and around Paonia and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we've freshened them up with new soundtracks from Tour de Fat crowd pleaser, Sean Hayes, and hometown heroes, Fierce Bad Rabbit.

    It was a lot of shake/rattle/roll to get these up and running again so many thanks to all who helped along the way. Hope you like 'em. Check out these bands and share what they do - so much talent all around! Juicebox and I are gonna go catch a beer.


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  • IPA Day is August 2nd...

    Did you know there is an IPA Day? Well there is. And it's all thanks to Ashley Rouston (The Beer Wench) and Ryan Ross (of the San Diego based, heavy hitting, Karl Strauss). These two beer drinkers felt the IPA needed its very own day, so last year they decided to give it one. And I, for one, couldn't be happier. Coming Thursday, the 2nd of August, 2012 is the 2nd annual International IPA Day! There are lots of things happening for this special day, for the most up to the minute details you should follow #IPADay on Twitter.

    And, if you want to celebrate this most-wonderful of days with New Belgium there are three glorious ways:

    Firstly, come to the brewery! We are going gaga over IPA Day and things are going to get awesome. There are 4.5 IPAs on tap for the day and we want you to sip them all. We got Ranger, Belgo, Matt's Cascadian Dubbel (a dark, hoppy, Belgian yeast-y bit of wonder), The Alpine Beer Co. Collaboration: Super IPA, and we are tapping some Red Hoptober (the .5 of the count, a hoppy seasonal for fall (though, not quite an IPA)). We will have hops spread about the room and when you find a variety that you like (smells nice) we will serve you up the beer that contains the hop of your choosing. Then pair it with chocolate! And then, your first sample pairing is free! The match the hops to the beer game will  continue through the day and things should be really fun.

    And then we're doing a Beer Stream! A Beer Stream is a live streaming event hosted on our Facebook page where anyone (with a FB account) can come join some easy New Belgium personalities talking about our beers. This will be our 4th (or maybe 5th) stream to date and we have covered everything from Shift to Tart Lychee, and (frankly) it's about time we hit the IPA's. On IPA Day the Beer Stream we will be covering Ranger, Belgo and Super IPA. Those easy personalities I was talking about are myself (the Juicebox) and Matty Smooth. Matty is a brewer/know it all around these parts and he is chocked full of beer making knowledge. So, the important details- click on the Beer Stream link on our Facebook wall on Thursday, August 2nd (IPA Day) at 5:00pm MST... 

    And then there is a third way to celebrate IPA Day with NBB, and this one is for those folks that can't make it to Fort Collins, nor do they have a Facebook account. The third way is to go out and buy an IPA (maybe a Ranger?) and drink it on Thursday in celebration.

    Happy IPA Day

    Alright! Break...


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  • You like beer and skiing right?

    We are right (smack-dab) in the middle of ski season in Colorado right now. Over the last couple of weeks the snow around here has been dumping and that's perfect for us (and you) as we head full steam into the event season, because it's almost Scavenger Hunt time.

    The Scavenger Hunts are a series of great New Belgium events firing up here in a couple weeks. The idea is that a team (2 to 5 people) shows up to the designated mountain on the designated day, gets their lift ticket and pays the entry fee of $10 and a clue sheet is then given out. Once the team has the clue sheet and the lifts open it is an all out race to collect the answers on the mountain. Some answers are easy, some are difficult, some are on the groomers and some are not. But the team to answer all of them the fastest wins, and the winner will be awarded fabulous prizes (including hugs from a man in a giant cowboy hat). All event proceeds go to local non-profits, and as usual, costumes are highly encouraged. Oh, and there will be beer. A big ol' apres' ski party-time-event follows the day on the hill and some wonderful prizes will be raffled off. Which leads me to the picture of skis on the right and the the Rocky Mountain Underground. The fine folks over at RMU have been putting custom Fat Tire top sheets on a few pairs of their remarkable skis every year as the top end raffle prize for the Scavenger Hunt and this year is no different. The RMU skis are all made up and ready for your winning raffle ticket. See there, one more reason to make a trip out to one of these fine events. Here is a list of the ski areas, the dates and the beneficiaries, take a look:



    • Snoqualmie Scavenger Hunt - April 1, 2012 - Benefits KEXP 90.3

    I bet you can make it to one, we made it easy, there is even a couple on the western side of the country. So get your plans set and your team together because Scavenger Hunt season is almost here!



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