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  • Seattle=good time

    Well we made it out of those good times intact, and everyone is better off having had them.  Let's recap, almost 11,000 dollars raised, one bike traded for a car, one cruiser given away, lots of good beer drinking times, and all with a 98% waste diversion rate.  If you look up awesome in the dictionary I'm pretty sure that's the definition.

    So now we're off to Portland to do it all over again... Let's see if the City of Roses can enjoy themselves as much as Seattle.

    And one more thing,  Coleman and I were out riding around Seattle having some bike shop times when low and behold, stuck directly to the bike rack outside Recycled Cycles was this:

    road 34 sticker 

    That there is a sticker from everyone's favorite Fort Collins, home-town bike shop (slash) bar, Road34.   Great place, and now they can say they have friends all over.

    I'm out, we'll talk soon,


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  • SEATTLE!!!!!!

    Well we made it,  who knew that Seattle was so far from Fort Collins, man that took forever.  Anywho... There was some questions regarding the schedule for Saturdays event.... To clear all of that up I offer this:

    Tour de Fat Seattle Schedule 2009!
    10am - Parade Registration - arrive early!
    11am - Parade leaves from Gasworks Park. The parade route is about 6 miles and should take one hour to complete.
    12pm - Festivities begin at Gasworks!
    5pm - Festivities conclude
    Acts scheduled to perform...
    * Sean Hayes
    * The Pimps of Joytime
    * Handsome Little Devils present: Squirm Burpee Circus
    * Nanda
    * Portlandâs Original Mini-Bike Dance Troupe: The Sprockettes
    * Loyd Family Players Salsa Drum Corps


    I hope that acts as a teacher, and we all take this time to learn something.  Also if you want to preregister for the parade go here... (and by "here" I mean follow the link located in the word "here").

    I also want to share this with you:

    pancake face

    I ate him for breakfast, he was delicious, and once I ate his mouth I couldn't hear his screaming.

    And don't forget the Team Wonderbike's Fantastic Bicycle Ride of Destiny.  We are going to meet at Gasworks Park (the site of Saturday's big time Seattle Tour de Fat) at 7pm and cruise about your fine city on our bicycles, then after a while we'll stop for some beers.  You should come (assuming you live in Seattle), and bring all your friends, and bring a real good attitude.

    Bye for now....


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  • Trade my car for a bike: Seattle

    Patrick is up for trading his car for a bike in Seattle!

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  • Ride on AnnaLisa in Seattle!

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  • Seattle Loves Bikes

    Here's some wise words from the Executive Director of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, the group that does so much to make sure that the Tour de Fat in Seattle goes off without a hitch, and is thanked for that graciously with your beer dollars.

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  • Let's hear from Seattle!

    The gas-less Gasworks was pedalicious. Link us your photos and fun. Ride on!

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  • Look out Seafair...here we come.

    This Saturday, we mark a momentous occasion in Tour de Fat history. For the first time ever, we get to host our little soiree in a city park! Not just any park either, we are talking about one of the coolest spots in the town, GasWorks. This Ex-power plant/refinery will now be home to our festival supporting the power of pedal. Talk about sweet justice. It's slow, but it is awesome. more to come on that.

    We are looking to have a great parade...longer than usual, but great if you got the legs. We'll be leaving Gasworks @ 10am out to Golden Gardens and back. We don't have Police support to escort us, so we'll have to ride safe, and keep it clean so they'll let us do it again.

    Ride West via Burke-Gilman to NW 45 Ave.
    Take Ballard Ave NW to NW Market St.
    NW Market to Seattle Ave. NW.

    Recollect Riders at Golden gardens, then turn around and return to Gas Works Park.Families or Riders who need to cut route short will have the ability at the western end of Burke Gilman Trail.

    Once you are back, we'll have a great show. Come in costume, and be prepared to worship solar rays, and human ways...to get around and get down.

    I can't forget mention the raddest downhill race on the earth is the night before, so we got that going for us.

    So join us or go watch the Blue Angels roast through tax dollars and jet fuel, before the really fast boats do the same...at Sea Fair!

    The time is now for you to make a choice...we wont have deep fried twinkies, but beer is almost as good.

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  • I want to trade my car for a bike in Seattle!


    I wish I could say I wanna trade Betty. I mean, who doesn't love riding around in a 1987 Honda Accord hatchback? She smells awesome, especially in the summer when it's hot; she burns a quart a week and I have to keep the heat on to prevent the engine from overheating.
    She comes with a broken tape deck so we pretty much cruise around to the sounds of the FM. She qualifies for "Whitetrashmobile"
    certification at this point. All I need to do is dump her in a trailer park and her life would be complete.

    I have respectfully decorated her with bumper stickers and I wash her annually to conserve water. Honest! She's still in my possession despite her homeless appearance and lack of sex appeal. Other than that, she fuels up for under $50, gets me to where I'm going and keeps me dry. I refuse to upgrade or sell her because she's probably just going to end up as a decaying metal heap and some point, and I can't bare to see that happen.

    Now, I love the 80's as much as the next twenty-something, but the time has come for my dear Betty and me to part ways. We had a great run together over the past few years I've owned her. She was a gift from someone at my church fellowship and I never got the nerve to sell her. I now use her to tote me and several gardening tools around Seattle while I spruce up yards and gardens, 100% organically. The only pollution my business creates is from my car! Everyone tells me I need a truck, but that's just more gas, emissions, carbon footprint, money, stress and a venture I don't wish to follow for the sake of employment.

    When I am not driving, I am biking, carpooling, walking, or "bhiking" (a combo of bus, bike and feet power). But I'm limited still. I currently have the "Mercedes of bikes", with huge tires, a thick frame and a plastic kitchen tote on the back. I use this for getting me and my backpack around, and I used to use the tote for doing lunchtime take-out delivery service in Fremont. I track at least 50 miles a week by bike at this point, but I average around 400 a month in my car. My bike is another attempt to "green" up my lifestyle but she's no good at hauling tools!

    Long story short: Feet and current wheels are not cuttin' the mustard for this gardener, and it's wearing heavy on the carbon footprint tread. Please please please take my car away and replace it with a bike actually made for transporting goods and a person. I will honor the life of my new trusty bike-friend until I can pedal no more.

    AnnaLisa, rider and polluter
    Seattle, WA

    P.S. This image is from a car accident we were in together March 2007. I thought I was going to have to give her up because of my insurance but I kept her regardless of her lost monetary value. I love Betty and will only give her up to a good home.

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  • Seattle Itinerary




    11:00am-11:30am (Revival Stage)

    11:30am-12:00pm (Revival Stage)
    ACT #1 âSLOW DOWN or THROW DOWNâ: Annual Slow Ride Competition

    Scot Nery â Pancake Juggler
    Followed by circus tricks and amazing feats WORKSHOP

    12:20pm-1:30pm (Music Stage)

    1:30pm-2:00pm (Revival Stage)
    ACT 2: âCarpocalypse Nowâ:  Funeral Procession and Interpretive Dance Exorcism and Contest


    2:40pm-3:25pm (Revival Stage)
    2nd BAND: March Fourth Marching Band

    ACT 3:  âWould you Trade Your Car for a Bike?â (Revival Stage)


    Go read the 10 Commandments of Tour de Fat.

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