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  • It was me, I was the one who cursed spring.

    Yesterday (in Colorado), the weather was warm and sunny, spring-like. And in St. Arnold's Garden the crocuses were scarcely popping from the dirt. In celebration I posted this photo to the New Belgium Facebook wall with the caption "Mark it dude: February 27, 4:54pm (MST)- Spring has sprung."   Then this morning I woke up to snow falling and sub-30° temperatures. Life is so, so cruel. At this point I need to take full responsibility for winter coming back. I am sorry friends, this is my fault. I didn't think I had this much sway with Mother Nature, and I didn't realize the depth of her spitefulness. But know this good readers: I will try my very best to make sure spring keeps springing, and ...

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  • Dig is the new spring seasonal beer and it's really good!

    Spring is here my friends, you may not see it and you may not feel it, but the season of new beginnings is upon us. How can I be so sure (you may ask yourself)? Because our new spring seasonal, Dig Pale Ale, is now on shelves and inside tap handles all over NBB distribution areas. Right now, you might be wondering "what happened to Mighty Arrow?" Well, just like Skinny Dip and 2Below before it, Mighty Arrow has reached its time to take a break. Over the last year (or so) NBB HQ has started rotating some seasonals out and giving a few new beers a chance to shine. Take a look at Somersault and Snow Day, both great new beers that did ...

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