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  • Let Me Introduce Fresh Hop IPA, Part 1.

    The newest Lips of Faith, Fresh Hop IPA is here, packaged up and ready for you to drink.   This beer took a lot of work, timing and logistics from a lot of people.  My New Belgium co-worker, Kenny Bloggins, lives and works up in the Seattle area and when he heard that a fresh hop beer was in the works he called me up with the idea of a co-blog-eration (that's a pun on collaboration (get it?)) with the fresh hopping of Fresh Hop IPA.  Kenny's idea was that he would head down to the hop harvest, shoot some photos and write up a report.  Then I would be at the brewery when the hops showed up (for the beer making) and I would ...

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  • Tour de Fat Wrap-Up...

    It's Tuesday and the 2011 Fort Collins Tour de Fat is nothing but a fond memory, but boy-howdy, the home town show was a doozie.  It all started with the bicycle parade, and (as always) it out did the year before.  There were people on bikes everywhere, I was on the sidelines watching it all go by and it took almost an hour for the whole thing to leave, people just kept coming (and coming), in fact the total number of people is said to have been hovering around 20,000 (that is one large group of costumed weirdos).  The Ryamiese Twins threw down the beats to get the whole thing started and eventually they ran out of things to rap about (that was pretty funny).  ...

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  • Don't miss your chance to win the bike!

    As we approach the first dawn of September the chances of you winning a 20th anniversary custom New Belgium cruiser bike are getting slimmer and slimmer.  The Joy-Ride campaign is coming to a close as of the 5th of September and when that door closes so does your opportunity to win the bike.  As it stands you still have 5 ways to win- writing, talking, getting your photo taken, getting your video taken and the random entry, so get on it.  Here is the link to the page for entries and it should explain all you need to know about this last week (and change) of this wonderful contest and your odds of winning.  So keep it coming and we will keep picking winners everyday ...

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  • The East Coast (among other things...)

    Alright, so I have been gone a while.  First there was the fracture to my pelvis bone, then my lovely bride gave birth to our first child (a girl (a beautiful, healthy girl)), then I went to Portland for the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference (and subsequently got my twitter account hacked (it's better now (check it out @carnie_nbb)))(oh and PS, this should be getting a write up all it's own in the next few days).  So it has been a busy few weeks for me, but believe it or not The New Belgium Brewing Company did not slam to a halt in my absence... in fact things rolled on smoothly without me (maybe too smoothly).  And now I am going to try and ...

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  • The Tour de Fat; A photo essay (as seen through the eyes of my telephone).

    Well it's Tuesday and the big weekend is over.  I had a lot of fun on the other side of the Tour de Fat, and the show was something special.  Here is a small breakdown for you: the 2010 Fort Collins Tour de Fat raised over 70,000 dollars for local cycling organizations, had 15,000 people on the bike parade, and diverted 93% of our waste from the landfill.  Those are some impressive stats, but aside numbers and pats on the back I would love to share with you some pictures, a photo essay if you will (with brief commentary):This dignified looking gent is running for Mayor Matthews Street (I'm not sure that is a real political position). The bald eagle in a moo-moo (one of my favorites). This ...

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  • Have a Few Minutes to Kill?

    When I am sitting back thinking "man, I wish I had something to do for the next hour" you know what I do? I go out and find a good spot.  Having the ability to see a good spot for what it is can take a few years to truly fine tune, however almost everyone has the rudimentary skill to find a decent spot.  And this morning  while cruising my bike around I found a decent spot (borderline great).  It is just along our (the people of the world (but most geographically specific; the City of Fort Collins)) beautiful river, in the shade, and equipped with a perfect bench. But let's lay out the scene (and with this I can perhaps arm you with the ...

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  • First Kriek and now Biere de Mars?

    That's right folks, after last weekend's tearful goodbye to Transatlantique Kriek I now have more sad news; we are on our last few cases of Biere de Mars.  The photo below represents the last of our, the Liquid Center's, stock of this classic: There are a few places around the town, and country that still may have a few bottles in their cooler, but if you want a bottle from the source now is your chance, don't delay, or you will miss out.  To give a quick run down of this beer I will say this, It is a wonderful beverage in the traditional Biere de Gaarrdstyle, brewed with wheat along side the barley and some whole oats to add a creamy mouth feel this treat is ...

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  • Dunk tanks, water slides, and further weekend shenanigans.

    Well it's Tuesday, which marks the beginning of my work week.  I am ready my friends, I feel refreshed, recharged, and full of hope for the coming days.  And why do I feel so good? The weekend past was full of so much happiness that I almost passed out.  Let's go over it.Saturday:  I was working, slanging tasters and giving tours.  NBB HQ sure can get full of nice people when a Saturday rolls around.  I gave two tours all totalling 50 fantastic times (51 if you count me twice), we poked around the plant, drank a couple beers, took some lovely pictures and some folks even tried to win a bike (you can win one too, just go here and bike yourself).  ...

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    Well that was huge.  The parade alone was like a trillion people, it took over an hour just to get everybody riding, FUN, FUN, FUN.   Then we all hustled into the show and enjoyed the sunshine and other wonderfulness.  As a recap it was 70,000 dollars raised for local cycling, over 12,000 people, and together we did it with over a 90% waste diversion rate.  Nice work everybody.I'm going to continue with the resting now and I'll get back with you in a few days._JUICEBOX

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  • The home show is upon us.

    Well the Carnies are in Fort Collins, hanging out at the Beer Factory, tying up some loose ends.  We have spent our week fixing bikes, painting random stuff, and discussing this weeks show.  Let us now do some discussing.  This is the Schedule of events:

    Fort Collins

    Benefiting:Tentative Schedule:
    • 9:00 a.m. - Bike Parade Registration
    • 10:00 a.m. - Bike Parade
    • 11:00 p.m. Performances Begin
    • 1:30 p.m. - âCarpocalypse Nowâ â Funeral procession for the car belonging to the Car-for-Bike Trade volunteer
    • 3:30 p.m. - Car-for-Bike Trade Celebration
    • 4:00 p.m. - Curtain Closes

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