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  • Let's go to the Chemistry Lab!

    The "let's go to the" series of posts is back, it has been too long and I figured it high-time to take a trip to the chemistry lab. It's a wonderful and welcoming place that offers lots of science-y stuff to look at: Anton-Parr machines, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, pipettes, distillation columns, Hoffman Foam Stability Testers, round bottom flasks, the list only gets nerdier from there... But the coolest thing in the lab, by far, is the Gas Chromatograph with a Spectrum Detector and Olfactory Port, or as I like to call it– the Smell-O-Meter. The Smell-O-Meter is an amazing tool. It can profile finished beer, in process beer, or raw materials (along with anything else you want to really (like really-really) smell). It takes a ...

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