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  • Vote For the World You Want to Live in...

    It's National Voter Registration Day! Time is running thin on registering to vote, in Colorado the deadline is October 9th. Today is the day we make sure everyone is on the path to voting in this year's election. Together, with Patagonia, Vote the Environment, Wilco, and many others, New Belgium is hoping you vote for the world you want to live in. 

    This is a non-partisan effort to put the environment on the to-do list of American voters. Here is a nice film I lifted from VoteTheEnvironment.org:

    The environment is a very important part of our New Belgium story, environmental stewardship has been part of our Core Values and Beliefs since the day we were founded. We want to lovingly care for the planet that sustains us. We try to model joyful environmentalism through our commitment to relationships, continuous improvement, and the camaraderie (and cheer) of beer. So, the Vote the Environment campaign made a lot of sense to us, and we hope it makes a lot of sense to you...

    There are lots of people trying to get you to sign up to vote, so make sure you get it done. Head Count is out in this world doing the hard work to get it done too. They're reaching lots of people, and they want to reach you. Want to get the ball rolling on registering to vote? Here's the link: Head Count.  Or maybe you want to do some good and volunteer... Here's that link: VOLUNTEER!  

    And, to be better informed on the environmental records of our politicians the League of Conservation Voters has put together a scorecard for the 112th Congress to help with our forthcoming votes. It's pretty enlightening to see the choices of those we elected. Want to see the environmental scorecard of your Congressional members? Here's the link: League of Conservation Voters.  

    And then, for those social media buffs out there, remember to hashtag #becauseilove. Example: I vote the environment #becauseilove brewing with great Colorado water!  Or: I vote the environment #becauseilove skiing the Never Summers! Here's a link to make it super easy... It's a big ol' Twitter campaign to let the world know that the world is important to us, and we want to vote for people that it's important to as well. This is a big election, and whatever side you're on, it's high time we Vote the Environment!

    Yours in voting the environment,


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  • Stage One, then Shift Pale Lager...

    Hey readers! Tonight is arriving very quickly, so Simpsonic and I are going to make this quick (well, not that quick). Originally we were shooting for a 4pm posting, but then we realized that the race ends around then, and we want to include that part, so we called an audible and we're pushing it back a bit. So here we are, and here it is, last night, some Stage 1 coverage, a highlight reel and tons of awesome photos...

    Let's start with the video:

    And then on to the details (the words and awesome photos)...

    It all started last night in Durango, after yesterday's sign off. Simpsonic and I loaded the blog up and headed into town. We arrived to an absolute pre-Pro-Challenge malee' and what do I run into first? The starting chute, all branded up:

    That placement is just superb, thank you Pro Challenge.

    And then we headed off to the New Belgium party on the roof-top at the Balcony, super fun, super crowded. We were giving away a cruiser bike to kick the week off right, but before we launched into the raffle the city of Durango launched some fireworks into the air. It was quite a spectacle, there were reds and blues and greens and explsions and everything. I would show you a picture, but really, have you ever seen a good fireworks picture? Probably not, and mine were no different, just awful... 

    After the stunning display wrapped up, we jumped into the raffle. There were two tickets pulled and then we went to a Ro-Sham-bo-show-down! Brad and Mike went head to head in rock-paper-scissors for a best of three... Mike won (no question), here he is just elated:

    See the excitement on that guy's face? He's very happy...

    We are giving away a few more bikes through the week (like 4 more), so if you're following the race (like curb-side) make sure to attend the New Belgium after-parties (you can Tweet at me for city specific details (@nbbprochallenge))...

    After the Balcony we headed over to Lady Falconberg's, a very nice beer bar right in Durango, and that's when things got weird:

    After some pig-mural interaction Simpsonic and I called it a night, the big day of Stage 1 was looming and the dorm room beds of Fort Lewis College were calling.

    Stage 1!

    The early bird gets the worm! We were up and at em' and at the start by 8am. It took us a while to find the tent to pick up our media credentials (that's right, full access) but we found it and headed directly off to the start line. During the call ups George Hincapie was pulled in the first group of 12 riders and got a very rousing round of applause. This is big George's last professional hurrah, retiring after the Pro Challenge, and it was good to see him on the line and pumped:


    Oh, and he's parked right next to Tour de France winner and world champion Cadel Evans... Don't those boys look ready for a fight?

    With all the riders called up and chomping the announcers called Governor Hickenlooper to the stage to shoot the starting pistol. He looks confident with a gun:

    And then boom, they were off. It was 126 miles of racing, and they started hot, fast paced from the git-go. Simpsonic and I jump back into the New Belgium team car and headed to Telluride. We had to take an alternative route from the racers, but luckily there was an alternative route–> up through Ouray, Ridgeway, and then into Telluride, just in time for the finish. The racers covered that ground (126 miles), on bicycles, in 4 hours and 42 minutes. We covered it, in a car, with a lunch stop in just under four. That is faster than 25 mph, for almost 5 hours, those boys were flying...

    We got some great shots at the finish, but my favorite was all the photographers lined up for the shot. Here's Simpsonic out in front of the assembling pile...

    Believe it or not, that is only 1/4 of the total number of picture-takers that crammed into that tiny little space, pretty astounding. Then we went to the post race beer shenanigans and drank some Shift Beer to celebrate a day well spent, it tasted very good:

    Then this stuff happened, and it needs no explanation:

    And on that note... We're headed to another Pro Cycling Challenge function... I am tired already, but ready for stage 2. See you tomorrow with more total sports coverage...

    -Juicebox/Simpsonic (for the video and modeling credits)

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  • New Belgium and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

    Hey friends. 

    I wanted to take today and mention that we're sponsoring the USA ProCycling Challenge (!), and then explain a few details as to what that means... 

    Are you ready? Alright, here we go. 

    The Pro Cycling Challenge is a huge bicycle race ripping the roads of Colorado from August 20th through the 26th. It starts in Durango and seven days (and 600 miles) later everybody shows up in Denver. Some of the world's top racing teams will be fielding riders and it's looking to be the paramount bicycle event in the US (beside the Tour de Fat, of course). There is going to be hundreds of thousands of thirsty fans throughout the week (some say over a million people are going to be lining the roads of Colorado for this second year event!), and New Belgium is going to be there making sure that everyone (of legal drinking age) has an ice cold beer in their hand to aid in hydration and cheering. We will have beer tents at starts towns, finish towns, along the route, everywhere. Again, it is going to be the ultimate Colorado happening (in regards to bicycles and beer and fun and stuff (outside the Tour de Fat, of course)). We are very excited to be a part of the Pro Challenge and we are excited to showcase Colorado, and Colorado beer, on an international stage.

    We are doing a lot of beer serving and event shenanigans during the USA Pro (I heard some TDF fun might show up too...), and that is all super awesome, but what I am most excited about is the total sports coverage (to barrow a favorite phrase) that we will be offering to all fans of beer and bicycles. We will be on the ground covering the event: videos, blog posts, dedicated Twitter and Instagram feeds, not to mention charming personalities and rugged good looks. We will be talking about the race, but we're also looking to highlight some beautiful Colorado towns, after-race-type-parties, some of the benefitting non-profits, local personalities, and the beer drinking... It is going to be really fun and I hope you can share it with us. 

    Here's the sizzle clip:

    And here are some very important follow-along-type-details: 

    See most things NBB and Pro Challenge at the Internet homebase: www.NewBelgium.com/ProChallenge

    Follow along on Twitter: @NBBProChallenge

    Or, on Instagram: @NBBProChallenge (I would link IG here but it's phone only and I really have nothing to connect from my desktop, sorry...)

    And, To plug yourself into the conversation try some of these hash tags at the aforementioned social networking sites: #Prochallenge #NBBProchallenge #USAPRO #BikesAndBeer #EnjoyTheRide

    There will also be watch parties all over our distribution areas for folks outside of Colorado to enjoy NBB beers and good ol' fashioned bicycle racing with the Pro Challenge. Keep your eyes on that (above mentioned) website to see the details of these happenings in your neighborhood...

    So, on that note, get ready to follow along and have some fun in the high mountains of Colorado! 

    Huzzah! Bicycle Racing!


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  • IPA Day is August 2nd...

    Did you know there is an IPA Day? Well there is. And it's all thanks to Ashley Rouston (The Beer Wench) and Ryan Ross (of the San Diego based, heavy hitting, Karl Strauss). These two beer drinkers felt the IPA needed its very own day, so last year they decided to give it one. And I, for one, couldn't be happier. Coming Thursday, the 2nd of August, 2012 is the 2nd annual International IPA Day! There are lots of things happening for this special day, for the most up to the minute details you should follow #IPADay on Twitter.

    And, if you want to celebrate this most-wonderful of days with New Belgium there are three glorious ways:

    Firstly, come to the brewery! We are going gaga over IPA Day and things are going to get awesome. There are 4.5 IPAs on tap for the day and we want you to sip them all. We got Ranger, Belgo, Matt's Cascadian Dubbel (a dark, hoppy, Belgian yeast-y bit of wonder), The Alpine Beer Co. Collaboration: Super IPA, and we are tapping some Red Hoptober (the .5 of the count, a hoppy seasonal for fall (though, not quite an IPA)). We will have hops spread about the room and when you find a variety that you like (smells nice) we will serve you up the beer that contains the hop of your choosing. Then pair it with chocolate! And then, your first sample pairing is free! The match the hops to the beer game will  continue through the day and things should be really fun.

    And then we're doing a Beer Stream! A Beer Stream is a live streaming event hosted on our Facebook page where anyone (with a FB account) can come join some easy New Belgium personalities talking about our beers. This will be our 4th (or maybe 5th) stream to date and we have covered everything from Shift to Tart Lychee, and (frankly) it's about time we hit the IPA's. On IPA Day the Beer Stream we will be covering Ranger, Belgo and Super IPA. Those easy personalities I was talking about are myself (the Juicebox) and Matty Smooth. Matty is a brewer/know it all around these parts and he is chocked full of beer making knowledge. So, the important details- click on the Beer Stream link on our Facebook wall on Thursday, August 2nd (IPA Day) at 5:00pm MST... 

    And then there is a third way to celebrate IPA Day with NBB, and this one is for those folks that can't make it to Fort Collins, nor do they have a Facebook account. The third way is to go out and buy an IPA (maybe a Ranger?) and drink it on Thursday in celebration.

    Happy IPA Day

    Alright! Break...


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  • Whole Foods, Beer and Twitter!

    Have you ever heard of a Tweet Up?  Me neither, that is until my dear friend The Beer Wench asked me to help out with one.  Turns out a Tweet Up is when a group of folks get together in the Twitter-o-sphere and use a hash-tag to talk about the same thing.  What's that you say?  Never heard of a hash-tag?  A hash-tag looks like this: #awesomegloves and you can attach that pound sign, followed by some words (in this case: awesome and gloves) to the end of your Twitter updates (henceforth: Tweets) and everyone using Twitter can search #awesomegloves (or whatever hash-tag you like) and see every Tweet using that hash-tag and see what the whole world thinks of their awesome gloves.  Using a hash-tag is like a proactive keyword search.  Make sense?  OK, so back to The Beer Wench, she has teamed up with Whole Foods and they have crafted a series of beer tastings to take place, live, in the Twitter-verse.  Head over here for the full and mighty press release. This model is based on the Whole Foods #WFMdish Tweet Up that happens on Thursday nights talking about food and recipes and all the specifics and generalities about those things, crammed into 140 characters.  It is fun and anyone can participate (assuming you have a Twitter account (if you don't you can still follow along, but not post your own thoughts on the matter)).  In this vein Whole Foods and The Beer Wench have slated #WFMbeer as the relevant hash-tag and put together some American Craft Breweries to start firing away with Tweets and the hope of your participation.

    The first in the series of craft beer tastings is scheduled to happen live, one week from today (on 12/20) at 7pm EST (again, using the hash-tag #WFMbeer), and the schedule for the night is as follows:

    7pm EST: New Belgium (@newbelgium) Snow Day
    7:15 EST: Deschutes (@DeschutesBeer) Jubelale
    7:30 EST: Bison Brewing (@bisonbrew) Gingerbread Ale
    7:45 EST: Dogfish Head (@dogfishbeer) Chicory Stout

    8pm EST: After party (free for all!!)

    As you can see from the schedule we here at NBB HQ are participating and we're bringing Snow Day to the (virtual) table and the other breweries look to be bringing some heat as well.  My recommendation is that you head over to your neighborhood bottle shop, procure these beers, get your Tweet-Deck running and get in on the fun.  This Tweet Up is a really good way to hear about new beers, try new beers, hear other people's opinions about said beers and also give your opinion (and I value that).  In other words, (capitol F) Fun...

    I'll see you in the Twitter-scape,


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