Bike-in Cinema

In 2004, while biking past our local drive-in, we thought, “Everything is cool about this except the cars.”

Every summer since then we have hosted our own outdoor Bike-in Cinema on the front lawn here at New Belgium. It’s quite a sight – 400 or 500 of our friends and neighbors spread out on blankets, catching a flick and sipping a beer beneath the stars. All beer proceeds go to local non-profit partners. The best part is watching everyone ride away on their bicycles, lights flashing, bells ringing on those warm summer nights.

2013 Bike-in Review

Well, like our good pal Andre 3000 of Outkast hip hop fame says in their multiplatinum rap ditty Ms. Jackson, “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.” That pretty much sums up the 2013 Bike In Movie season. For a variety of reasons we decided to scale back to 4 movies this year from the 6 weeks we have been doing in recent years and then the rain ended up shortening it a little more. We had to cancel the opening night due to heavy rains and what ended up being devastating flooding across the entire Front Range.

In order to still give the people their Kevin Bacon, we decided to make week 2 one hell of a double feature with Karate Kid and Tremors. It was a great night, but the cool air and residual humidity made for a long evening for those who stuck it out. Week 3 we had a nice turnout and turned up the volume high for Shut Up and Play The Hits for a good crowd of diehard LCD Soundsystem fans. We wrapped up the season with a rain-soaked downpour showing of Step Brothers. Almost as soon as we started the movie, the skies opened up Woodstock style and the crowd dwindled quickly. The few folks that stuck around huddled around the fire and were awarded with a free beer token as a thank you for being rad and hangin with us.

Though not the smoothest Bike-in Movie season, we still managed to raise over $5,000 for our good friends at Wolverine Farm Publishing, and that is what we are the most excited about. We are in this to provide the people of Fort Collins with some entertainment and make sure that a local nonprofit raises some funds to make our town just a little bit better. We are already looking forward to the 2014 Bike-in Movie season. Stay tuned for updates and some tweaks for next year (like starting them when it is still going to be warm out!). Thank you for your support of this amazing event this year and throughout all 10 years! It’s hard to believe it has been going on that long and hopefully we keep it going for another decade and beyond!


-JP n New Belgium