New Belgium Event Listing

Humboldt County | 5/23/2015

Kinetic Grand Championships

The Kinetic Grand Championship is a 3-day, 42-mile bicycle race over land, sand, mud and water. Many refer to the Kinetic Grand Championship as the “Triathlon of the Art World.”

Ozark | 6/4/2015


“Wakarusa” is a word derived from Native American culture that means “ass-deep”. Of course, back then this described the depth of a river. Now, in its 12th year, we have come to know Wakarusa as a way to define the depth of an experience.

Chico | 6/6/2015

Chico Bicycle Music Festival

The Chico Bicycle Music Festival is an annual community event promoting human-scale transportation and talented local musicians through innovation, bicycles and community.

Quincy | 7/2/2015

High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival July 2-5, 2015 Quincy, CA

St Paul | 7/23/2015

Sour Symposium Twin Cities

Beer geeks unite for a special evening with Lauren and Eric Salazar, New Belgium Brewing’s wood beer specialists.

Oakland | 7/25/2015


Join us in the celebration of all things two wheeled!

Downieville | 7/30/2015

Downieville Classic

Race or ride the epic cross country to the Sierra Crest and back to town, or take in a double dose with 15 miles of the Downieville Downhill in the All Mountain World Championships. Or just come to enjoy the bike festival for the weekend. Either way, you win.