New Belgium Event Listing

Fort Collins | 3/31/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240

Live Music: Gold Hope Duo

Listen to Gold Hope Duo play live in our Liquid Center!

Fort Collins | 4/7/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240 3

Live Music: Adam Thomas + Devin Doucet & the Derailers

Bring in the weekend with local artists in our Tasting Room!

Fort Collins | 4/14/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240 2

Live Music: US Tygers

Listen to Denver's band US Tygers play live!

Fort Collins | 4/16/2017

2017 NBB HorsetoothHalfTraining 360x240

Horsetooth Half Marathon Training Run

Join the 6th Horsetooth Half Marathon Training Run!

Fort Collins | 4/21/2017


Live Music: Gypsy Swing Revue

Kickoff your weekend with Parisian jazz from Gyspy Swing Revue!

Fort Collins | 4/28/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240 2

Live Music: JP Hodge

Enjoy live music from JP Hodge!

Fort Collins | 4/29/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240

Live Music: The 14ers

Enjoy free live music from The 14ers!

Fort Collins | 5/5/2017

2016 LC Live Music 360x240 3

Live Music: RL Cole

Enjoy free live music from RL Cole!

Seattle | 5/11/2017


Upstream Music Fest + Summit

Enjoy your favorite New Belgium beers at the Upstream Fest + Summit

Fort Collins | 5/12/2017

161880 2016 LC Live Music NBBsite 360x240-02

Live Music: Gasoline Lollipops

Celebrate Fat Tire Friday with a free show from the Gasoline Lollipops!

Asheville | 5/20/2017


Tour de Fat Asheville

Charlotte | 5/27/2017


Tour de Fat Charlotte

Atlanta | 5/31/2017


Tour de Fat Atlanta

Orlando | 6/3/2017


Tour De Fat Orlando

Baltimore | 6/6/2017


Tour de Fat Baltimore

St. Petersburg | 6/6/2017


Tour de Fat St Petersburg

Fort Collins | 6/10/2017


Summer Markers' Market

Nothing compares to handmade! Join our family and friends in shopping and buying handmade crafts.

Chester | 6/10/2017


Tour de Fat Philadelphia

St. Louis | 6/10/2017


Tour de Fat St Louis

New Orleans | 6/11/2017


Tour de Fat New Orleans