Product donations

Please read these guidelines before submitting your application, the link to the application can be found at the bottom of the page.

New Belgium offers product donations, from good beer to fun gift baskets, for specific events and non-profit fundraisers. And while we would like to align with all that is good and worthy, we sometimes have to gracefully decline.

A few things we look for selecting opportunities for product donations:

  • Timing: Please give us at least 60 days prior to event.
  • Location: Is your event in our territory? Our donations are limited to states where we distribute. ([[[STATE_DISTRIBUTION]]])
  • All State Beer Donation requirements: If you are serving our beer, here are things we need you to have:
      1. Any local state and county permitting needed for a special event and ABC requirements.
      2. Copies of all paperwork available.
      3. Please note that you must have a temporary permit (Liquor license) to serve any alcohol for fundraising purposes at your event. More information on obtaining a temporary permit can be found on the ABC's website.
      *Note on CO beer donations: All donated beer MUST be picked up at the brewery. Legally, we cannot deliver or give zero-out invoices to our beer accounts and hotels.We request that you sign a waiver when picking up the beer. We will need written permission from accounts that we distribute to before the beer can be brought into the account.

We do not fund:

  • School Auctions or Functions - We feel that schools, kids and beer are not a good fit for us.
  • Individual and Team Sports - There are just too many.
  • Bands - There are just too many.

If your event matches these guidelines, then fill out a donation application. We will take a look at your request and get back with you soon. Thanks!