Car Trader

Car for bike trade

Become a car traitor, apply to be the bike trader

In every Tour de Fat city, one brave role model will step on stage to trade in his or her car keys and pledge to live car free for one year. Each swapper is awarded a $2,250 stipend to buy their own commuter bike and receives rock star status when the crowd goes wild in support of their commitment. Car for Bike Swappers are chosen after submitting an application describing why they are ready to give up their vehicle for the gift of two wheels.

To apply: Potential swappers must post a 2 minute video submission (it should address why you want to go car-free and commit to biking full-time) to the New Belgium Facebook Page and your city's Tour de Fat event page. After the winning applicant is chosen they will get to build their perfect car replacement bike with the shop of their choosing. New Belgium will award the swapper $2,250 total to spend on a bike and accessories. In exchange the trader commits to being car free for at least one year and to share their experience along the way. Vehicles for Charity will auction the cars, with proceeds benefiting local cycling organizations.

Videos must be submitted by the Wednesday before your city's Tour de Fat. For questions, please email trademycarforabike[at]

Check out Kristin's Car for Bike Trader video from the 2014 DC TdF for a bit of guidance: