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Here’s the secret to getting good head (aka foam) on your beer

We chat a lot around the brewery about head (aka beer foam). When compared to others, ours always seems to be more enjoyable and longer-lasting. Yep, we’re pretty proud of the head we get. So, the other day, a few of us finally wondered, “What’s the secret behind this pretty rad phenomenon?” Naturally, we caught up with New Belgium’s process analyst manager Matty Gilliland. Life lesson: It turns out that getting good head isn’t a random phenomenon at all, but the result of some very hard work and careful planning. And also protein. Let’s put on our science caps for a moment. The protein in a beer comes from the malt we use, and a lot of that protein is taken out of wort during the ferm...
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Check out Todd Van Fleet's bicycle landscape photography

Bikes, beer, a camera, and a rented RV. Our pal Todd Van Fleet came to us a few months back with those things on his mind, and we were listening. Todd specializes in photographing vintage bicycles in out-of-the-way, often hard-to-get-to areas; his shots have hung around the brewery for years. Last summer Todd loaded an RV with bikes he’d been collecting, a few friends and a list of spots to shoot at around the Western and Southwestern U.S. We figured, “Hey, you’ll probably need some beer for those desert night times, right?” So we threw him some brews and an old New Belgium cruiser. Fast forward to today, when Todd’s project is a wrap and LOOKS GREAT. Check out the whole video below, and t...
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Do this: 50 ways to make BIG GAME 50 50-times better

The headline says it all. Want to improve your game day experience? Follow this guide and you'll find game time bliss.  Check out New Belgium’s official BIG GAME 50 Ad Pair these snacks with these New Belgium beers Ponder this important question: What it New Belgium beers played football? Play the New Belgium BIG GAME Bingo Game Watch New Belgium Colorado and New Belgium North Carolina debate who will win the BIG GAME. Chill out, slow down, and crack open a Fat Tire. Keep a steady hand throughout the game by drinking the low-ABV, super-sessionable Slow Ride Session IPA. Check out the New Belgium North Carolina crew goofing off outside Bank of America Stadium. Heck, check out our en...
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