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The art of blending sour beers

If brewing is a science, then blending is an art. With a few exceptions, all of the sour beer brands that leave New Belgium's door are a blend of beer from various French oak foeders in our wood cellar. That means for each release, wood cellar manager Eric Salazar and wood cellar blender Lauren Salazar sit down with samples from our 64 foeders to decide which should be included in the final blend. The result is a deeply complex, layered flavor and aroma profile that's come to define our entire lineup of sours. Watch as the two explain how that process works. Check out New Belgium's entire sour beer portfolio.
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Watch: Critters of the wood cellar

Ever wonder exactly what's going on inside our giant French-oak foeders that turns regular beer into fruity, tart deliciousness like our flagship sour La Folie? We sat down with New Belgium blender Lauren Salazar to discuss a bit of the science behind wood-aged sour beers.
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Flowering Citrus Ale is in bloom, get it today

Our second Lips of Faith four-pack collaboration has finally arrived, and we can’t wait to share this new beer with you. Called Flowering Citrus Ale and brewed with our pals at Belgium’s De Koninck, it is, perhaps, one of the most elegant beers we’ve brewed to date. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, each Lips of Faith release this year is a collaboration with a Belgian brewery that holds a special place in the heart of New Belgium. So what’s the story with De Koninck? Here’s what New Belgium’s brewmaster Peter Bouckaert has to say: “The brewery that brews De Koninck (old Flemish for “the king”), the inspiration for Fat Tire! We had to work with them for our 25th anniversary. Michel Moor...
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