Same suds, new duds

Fresh design blends retro elements with modern twist

New Belgium Brewing is revealing a whole new look and feel in 2014 with a portfolio-wide packaging refresh due to hit markets in January. The new design reimagines New Belgium’s iconic and playful watercolor imagery from the past 22 years through a modern lens. The artwork will progress many of the themes celebrated in New Belgium’s labels over the years, which have been hand-painted by founder Kim Jordan’s neighbor, Ann Fitch, since the brewery’s beginnings.

This colorful, handcrafted look has been with us since our inception and the new design brings the portfolio together in a fresh and contemporary way. We know that while the watercolors will always be part of the New Belgium story, we think the new designs will delight our long time fans while also inviting new folks into the fold.

The new design, created by Hatch Design of San Francisco, featuring illustration by artist Leah Giberson, will appear on all brands and packages.

While the new look is a cleaner and more easily seen at a distance, the art is anything but cookie cutter in that every image starts as a photo and is repainted by hand. Much of the line - Fat Tire, Ranger - is simply a reimagining of our original themes.

In line with our Belgian-beer roots, we're a brewery and culture of innovation. We've done that with our beer portfolio for more than two decades, and it felt right to evolve our look as we've evolved our beers. While we were doing that, Ann Fitch announced that she was retiring from commercial production. In the end it was a happy circumstance and a win-win for all parties in that regard.

Ohio beer drinkers got an early look at the new artwork when New Belgium started selling beer there in December 2013.