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We try our best-est to keep this website running squeaky clean, but you know, sometimes technology makes things difficult. If you are here, then something must not be working correctly. Rest assured, everytime this page shows up, I (the webmaster) get a direct email with details of the problem, so I generally try and get things fixed up within 3-12 minutes.

This page will automatically try and get you to where you were going every minute. So you can sit back and just watch too if you want.

The Webmaster's List of Things to Do While Waiting For Technology to Succeed!

  • Sit peacefully, unfocus your eyes, and stare at your monitor screen. After 3-5 minutes, you may start to see different shapes take form. What are they?
  • Grab yourself a Fat Tire (I highly suggest a can), put a coozie on it and gently take sips every few minutes. This is known to reduce stress.
  • Do some jumping jacks. How long has it actually been since you have done jumping jacks? Raising your pulse rate during the day makes for a healthy heart!
  • Now might be a good time to consider de-fragging your hard drive. It might make your computer a little faster.
Now here is the cool part!

I'm going to try to send you back to your page in 60 seconds. Lets see what happens.

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Cheers! Thanks for playing along, I hope you have enjoyed your time at the New Belgium Webmaster's Technology Oasis!