Where we call home

Fort Collins has been home for New Belgium since our beginning in 1991.  In 2012 we turned 21 and announced that it was time to grow up a little bit and spread our wings.

We’ve chosen our second home to be Asheville, NC. We are thrilled about our decision and although we’re not opening until 2015, the plans for our East Coast Brewery are well into the works. This will give us the ability to share our love with all of you East coast beer aficionados. New York...Columbus…Birmingham…Steel City…Bean Town…Queen City…the City of Brotherly Love  - looking forward to seeing and serving ya’ soon.

New Belgium beers can be found in 32 states, as we just recently opened in Alaska, Louisiana and Florida. Delaware and British Columbia are next in line for New Belgium distribution.

The latest and greatest info on New Belgium Asheville is just around the corner!

Our two homes have teamed up this year to be recognized by Forbes as two of the top 20 cities for Business and Careers.

Fort Collins is #3 and Asheville is #17. And if you sum up our two rankings, we’re still in the top 20!

Both cities have a long list of national honors and awards over the years.

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