Beer Scouts

The Beer Scouts are an interdepartmental group of New Belgium coworkers who sponsor volunteer events for coworkers and community members as a means to give back and inspire positive change. The group was formed a number of years back with the goal of connecting busy people to projects they might be passionate about. The Scouts work to find great causes that are aligned with New Belgium’s values, and have helped log 16,720 volunteer hours of coworker time in the past six years!

Program Snapshot: 2016

Celebrating our collaborative industry, we teamed up with 11 other local craft breweries in 2016 for The House that Beer Built 2 to build a home in partnership with the Beavers family and Habitat for Humanity.

New Belgium coworkers showed up in mass! Amidst sunshine and snow, we had 128 coworker volunteers show up on build days. Our coworker volunteers came from all over the brewery, representing 12 different departments. Through brewery sponsored fundraising and community events we rallied to raise $33k to put toward the $100k total project fundraising goal.

In honor of the men and women serving our country, New Belgium spearheaded a Military Appreciation Drive over the holiday season. We sent Christmas care packages to 160 troops overseas in order to honor them, lift their spirits, and show our appreciation as they serve our country.

We partnered with the Elks Lodge for the Drive, who contributed $500 to the effort and donated their space for a care package assembly night. New Belgium held a bake sale, supported by a team of 11 coworker bakers, which raised an additional $1947 to put toward the care packages! A crew of 67 coworkers and family members spent an evening together decorating bags and assembling the packages. It was a night of and good cheer!

We can’t fit the entire list in full but here’s a cross section of organizations our coworkers gave their time to in 2016: WNC Aids Project, Habitat for Humanity, Homeless Gear, United Way, Brother Wolf, Ciclismo Youth Foundation, Food Bank of Larimer County, Manna Food Bank, Mountain Hut Association, Alternatives to Violence, Poudre River Fest, CO Aids Foundation, The Animal House, St. Patrick’s Center, Santa Cruz Museum, AmeriCorps, CitySERVE, Humane Society, Boys and Girls Club, Scleroderma Foundation, Bee City USA, The Nature Conservancy, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and numerous Poudre District schools, pet fostering and youth sports teams.

In addition to these NBB-planned events, the Scouts encourage all coworkers to find causes that they’re passionate about to dedicate the precious gift of time to on their own, and New Belgium rewards volunteer coworkers with paid time off for their efforts! (1 hour of PTO for every 2 hours of volunteer work, not a bad deal). All told, New Belgium coworkers volunteered 4,220 hours in 2016. Cheers to that!