We like beer. But do you know what we love more?

Sep 15, 2014




Yes, brewing and bottling a perfect beer is one of our favorite things in the whole world. But it isn’t actually the ultimate reason for our existence (though it is darn fun and ain’t nobody here complainin’). New Belgium is on this big blue planet because we care about life (check your pulse - that includes you!) and we want to do our part to make living on Earth crazy awesome. If Michael Jackson just started singing “Heal the world, make it a better place” inside your head… just know you’re not the only one, okay?

NBB’s Company Purpose: To manifest our love and talent by crafting our customers' favorite brands and proving business can be a force for good.

All the fine folks at New Belgium work hard to make sure that everything that goes into your beer helps to create a world that you want to live in. We strive to bring benefit to the communities where our beer is sold, to the rivers and soil that deliver our ingredients, and to the loving hands that craft your beer. Because, goodness only knows, they certainly benefit us. But business owners please note: this isn’t just a charity case. This is good for business. New Belgium knows that we are profitable, not in spite of our social and environmental efforts, but because of them. By gifting ownership in the company and investing in the happiness of our coworkers, the best of the best join our team and they give their hearts. A 93% retention rate is good for the bottom line. By reducing our water use and donating money to the research and repair of the Colorado River, we are increasing the likelihood that we’ll have clean and abundant water for many generations. Preserving our #1 ingredient is also good for business.

A reality that still gets me a little teary-eyed is this: we aren’t alone. What we’ve been doing since Day 1 at New Belgium is now a movement. And that movement is B Corp. Certified B Corps are over 1,000 strong and counting, including companies like Rally Software, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Plum Organics, and Patagonia. We are all businesses who have opted out of sacrificing health and well-being for the sake of profits and profits alone. We are all businesses who know that we do well by doing good. Each of us passes through a most rigorous certification that measures our beneficial practices, so when you see that “B” inside a circle, you know it’s legit. (Check out our score, and if you’d like to see if your business makes the cut, you can take the free assessment online.)

By banding together with these like-minded businesses, we make it clear we are not accidental and isolated successes, but rather we are the new wave of business, stating loud and clear that a whole-system perspective is essential in the corporate world and love and kindness drive a healthy bottom line.

Thanks for being a part of this crazy journey with us. You belong here. You are our tribe, along with the barley farmers, the microbes in the soil, the fish in the rivers, the bartenders, and the recyclers. We are all in this together, so let’s continue to “B the Change” and make the world a better place (…for you and for me and the entire human race!).

Big hugs.

Bring it in.

Always and foreverrrr,

-        The Walrus

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