Sustainability stories

Thanks for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our heart-felt approach to business here at New Belgium. On this page, you'll find some stories which illustrate who we are, and why we do what we do. Our commitment towards sustainability began on day one of New Belgium’s history when environmental stewardship made it into the first draft of the company’s Core Values and Beliefs, and carries through to today. Happy reading!

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  • More for the conversation on cans and bottles.

    As a craft brewer who fills both glass bottles and aluminum cans with delicious beers, we inevitably receive questions (and have our own) regarding the environmental impact of each container. A comprehensive, unbiased study comparing the total environmental impact of glass bottles to that of aluminum cans does not exist. So we see a lot of guessing going on out there and many of those guesses are being stated as though they were ultimate facts. Below are some questions we hear often along with answers based on the research we’ve done. Remember, though, that since a comprehensive study has never been conducted, we don’t really know which container is ultimately environmentally superior.
    Which container is sustainable? Neither! Both containers have a net negative impact ...

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  • Cans Versus Bottles Versus Kegs! The battle rages on...

    With the release of Shift happening today, and 2012 being called the year of the craft beer can, it is important to talk about these beer package choices.  Between bottles and cans and kegs there isn't one package that is a clear winner over the others. They all have their ups, and they all have their downs. We want our consumers to be informed when the package choice is presented, so we made this handy-dandy decision map for your looking and considering, check it out. Now take this information and make use of it. And remember, be safe out there and make good turns. -JUICEBOX

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