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The beer

The Hemperor

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The story

A certain U.S. Attorney General probably wouldn’t like it. The state of Kansas straight-up banned it. But you asked for it, so we answered the call. Meet The Hemperor HPA. Hops and hemp reign together at last for a brand-new movement in craft beer. See how we made the impossible possible.

The cause


Join New Belgium Brewing and partners Hemp 4 Victory and GCH, Inc., Willie Nelson's brands, to help legalize industrial hemp. We'll connect you with your local legislators below so you can message them directly. It’s good for our economy, good for our planet, and good for beer!

More about hemp

The benefits of hemp

Hemp can deliver social, environmental and economic benefits. Since 1991, New Belgium has been a champion for these values, and The Hemperor HPA will help raise awareness of this suppressed crop’s ability to support our planet and society.

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