Cellar Club Pilot Series #1


Cellar Club Pilot Series #1

Double Dry-Hopped Mosaic and Citra IPA

For the premiere of Cellar Club we wanted to showcase our unwavering quest to push the boundaries of IPA. Anyone can throw a ton of hops in a fermenter and get something reasonably good, but it takes the dedication of passionate brewers to understand the nuances of the style and perfect every last detail. To that end we've spent years in search of the ideal hops and brewing techniques to craft the perfect juicy IPA.

All that leads us to Cellar Club No. 1, a double dry-hopped IPA loaded with mosaic and citra hops. It's intensely juicy, fruity and hoppy, bursting with pineapple, guava, lemon and grapefruit aroma, with all the underlying complexity you'd expect from an unflinching pursuit of bad-ass IPAs. So cheers, thank you, and enjoy. And welcome to Cellar Club.

--Ross Koenigs, brewer


Pale orange milkshake beneath white foam and lacing.


Pineapple, guava, lemon, grapefruit and hop tea/resin dominate, with slight pine and grassy notes underneath.


A bit of sweetness in front of a strong but balanced bitterness.


Medium body and a bit coating.




Mosaic and citra


Pale, pilsner, oats, Special W

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