Cellar Club Pilot Series #2

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Cellar Club Pilot Series #2

Wild Harvest Saison with Apricots

I've long believed that apricots are my favorite fruit to use in brewing. It helps that the best apricots on the planet are grown on the Western Slope. These apricots come from Big B’s in Hotchkiss.

Apricots are perfect for a saison, which tend to be fruity and complex with spicy and herbal notes that both compliment and contrast the fruit itself. Weyermann Vienna and Pilsner malt, along with malted rye, creates a honeycomb, floral and almond backbone. The rye lends a slight spiciness that pairs well with the saison yeast.

While very dry, this beer has a balanced perception of sweetness and a beautiful acidity from the apricots. Conditioning with Brettanomyces Claussenii adds a delicate funky note and slight pineapple aroma.

--Cody Reif, brewer


Opaque pale gold with fluffy white foam.


Big, fresh apricot notes on top of white pepper and juicy fruit gum. Some slight isoamyl acetate, linalool and black pepper. Slight lemon, white wine, herbal, cake batter and bready notes. Slight brettanomyces notes that should develop over time.


Slight sweetness and sourness with a light bitterness in the finish that disappears to finish clean.


Medium-full body. Creamy and coating, and slightly warming.




Saison and Brettanomyces



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