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Err on the Side of Awesome

Dark and Golden Blended Sour with Cherries

This collaboration with our long-time friends and world-class sour producers, The Rare Barrel, is full of complex and risky adventure. We took a portion of our dark sour, Oscar, blended it with kriek lambic, matured it in our original 17 wine barrels that began our sour program, then blended in our golden sour, Felix, before corking and bottle conditioning for several months.

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Garnet with a deep red hue and slight sheen.


Cherry, cocoa, plum, crisp green apple.


Heavy sour, fruity sweet, delicately dry finish.


Medium body, puckering initially, and finishes with a light astringency.




Proprietary house mixed culture

Special Processing

60% Kriek Lambic, 20% Dark Sour, 20% Golden Sour acidified in French oak foeders andsecondary maturation in our original 18 wine barrels that began our sour program in 1998

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