French Oak Saison Barrel-aged Sour Farmhouse Ale

French Oak Saison

Barrel-aged Sour Farmhouse Ale

To understand "Belgian-style beer" is to understand Belgium's nuanced regions and historical past. To the north, we have Flanders, a region invaded and occupied by many foreign powers over hundreds of years, known for everything from white beer to oak-aged sour brown ales.  

To the south, we have Wallonia, a region known for its rich farmland, industrial coalfields, French culture and farmhouse ales like Biere de Garde and saison. Our French Oak Saison pulls inspiration from both regions by marrying a dry, hop-forward Wallonia-style saison with a golden ale soured in French oak foeders for 15 to 18 months -- a method derived from Flanders. The rye and spelt grains in the saison contribute to a medium-light body while the Huell Melon and Tettnang hops give aromas of honeydew and white pepper.

The result is a rustic, goldenrod yellow saison offering pleasant lemon and white grape aromas and a bright, mouthwatering sourness with a clean, dry finish.

A true blending of inspirations. 

Goldenrod yellow, medium sheen, moderated white foam.


A mix of balanced aromas: lemons and phenolic, mild white grape, white pepper, and coriander. Light tropical fruit and floral. Bread dough and stone fruit with a smidge of isoamyl acetate, bretta, grassy and pine.


Sweet with a surprisingly strong sour initially that fades but lingers slightly. Light bitterness.


Smooth but puckering and mouthwatering. Medium-light body, astringent finish.






Hybrid saison yeast


Nugget, Tattnang, Huell Melon


Pale, rye, spelt

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