L'Amour en Cage

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CTA lamour en cage


L'Amour en Cage

Golden Sour

In 2015, our Blender, Lauren, and R&D Brewer, Cody, were in Belgium for a collaboration brew when they found themselves, oddly enough, enjoying some cocktails. One particular cocktail was garnished with a mysteriously tropical, sweet, and very tart golden fruit. When they asked their server what it was, he enthusiastically replied, “L’amour en Cage!” And the idea was born. L’amour en Cage is French for ‘love in a cage,’ describing the paper-like husk cradling the inside fruit. The beer is a unique golden sour matured in a foeder for nine months and refermented on golden gooseberries for three months. Puckeringly sour and fruit-forward. It’s love in a cage (bottle).


Pale gold, moderate sheen, pearly cloudy when swirled


Passionfruit, pineapple, guava, stone fruit


Begins sweet, then strong sour, slightly sweet finish


Medium body, puckering initially, and finishes with a light astringency




Proprietary house mixed culture


Refermented on golden gooseberries on oak for three months

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