Where I Live

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Where I Live

Mixed Culture Sour Ale

Where I Live is our return collab following TRVE’s version, Where I Leave. For this special beer with our buds from Denver, we brewed a base using 100% Colorado-grown malt from Troubadour Maltings and fermented it with a Norwegian Kveik yeast. That beer was dark sour and foeder-aged with TRVE’s house culture. Just before canning, the beer was finished with Colorado whole flower lavender. That’s right. A Norwegian-inspired, mixed culture sour ale brewed with local malt and local lavender that’s named after a song by a Flemish metal band. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Enjoy.

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Pevec, Ballad and Encore from Troubadour Maltings in Fort Collins, CO


Colorado-grown, whole flower lavender added just prior to packaging.

Special Processing

NEW BELGIUM SOUR: Dark sour aged in foeders for 12 months and blended into the base beer for further foeder maturation.

TRVE SOUR: Golden sour matured in a foeder for 16 months and blended into the base beer for further foeder maturation.

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