We hear you, California


We hear you, California

For those of you who have been to newbelgium.com lately, you may have noticed the "Win A Trip to Tour de Fat" balloon. It's this great contest we're running in the current states where:

1. We distribute our beer (sorry Tennessee â you're new!) 2. There are no laws preventing such contests (see California)

What cruel set of laws could prevent you from being able to join in the splendor of being a winner at our hometown Tour de Fat? Here to explain is our very own California Beer Ranger, Dave Macon:

Dearest Californian Consumptor of New Belgium Beers, On behalf of the whole NBB family, we feel your pain. The fact that California canât sign up and participate in our summer promotion, Win a Trip to Tour de Fat, truly sucks. The fine folks at the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control have a little rule on the books that prevents you from doing so. Itâs a silly little law, but itâs still a law. Rumor has it, (cross your fingers!) that this issue is being addressed in the state legislature. Weâre very sorry and wish that you could play. Instead, pop open another beer, go to the Tour de Fat in San Fran or Truckee, and contact your local state congress person and tell them you want this law changed! Thank you for your continued loyal support. Yours in Good Beer, David A. Macon Regional Sales Director/Beer Ranger, California




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