Welcome Wonderbikers!


Welcome Wonderbikers!

Hey Team Wonderbike - welcome to our new virtual home! Pretty sweet, eh? This comes to you from the creative (slightly diabolical) mind of our own, Aaron Reid (cue Bad Motorfinger here). We want to use this site to build a more sticky bicycle movement. Right now, we are more than 15,000 bicycle commuters strong. We recently hit 14 million miles pledged to be biked (and not driven) per year. Impressive, to say the least. We're doing it together, each and every day.

So what more can you do? This is our new forum to connect, dialogue, brainstorm and make the world a more bike-friendly place. Send in your thoughts and images and we will post them right here. Want to get a group ride going at the end of your Friday commute? Post it and see who comes. Feel like a rant against potholes and cell phones? This is the place.

This entire project has been a great experiment underwritten by our good friends here at New Belgium Brewing. But where we take this thing is up to you. Should we relay ride our bikes from SF to DC and award senators from the most bike-friendly states a cruiser bike? How do we raise awareness locally and nationally? Let's figure these things out together, meet new people and have a fine time along the way.

Are you with it? Sign on and say hello if so...

Bike more, drive less!

B. Simpsonic

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