I want to trade my car for a bike in Seattle!


I want to trade my car for a bike in Seattle!


I wish I could say I wanna trade Betty. I mean, who doesn't love riding around in a 1987 Honda Accord hatchback? She smells awesome, especially in the summer when it's hot; she burns a quart a week and I have to keep the heat on to prevent the engine from overheating.
She comes with a broken tape deck so we pretty much cruise around to the sounds of the FM. She qualifies for "Whitetrashmobile"
certification at this point. All I need to do is dump her in a trailer park and her life would be complete.

I have respectfully decorated her with bumper stickers and I wash her annually to conserve water. Honest! She's still in my possession despite her homeless appearance and lack of sex appeal. Other than that, she fuels up for under $50, gets me to where I'm going and keeps me dry. I refuse to upgrade or sell her because she's probably just going to end up as a decaying metal heap and some point, and I can't bare to see that happen.

Now, I love the 80's as much as the next twenty-something, but the time has come for my dear Betty and me to part ways. We had a great run together over the past few years I've owned her. She was a gift from someone at my church fellowship and I never got the nerve to sell her. I now use her to tote me and several gardening tools around Seattle while I spruce up yards and gardens, 100% organically. The only pollution my business creates is from my car! Everyone tells me I need a truck, but that's just more gas, emissions, carbon footprint, money, stress and a venture I don't wish to follow for the sake of employment.

When I am not driving, I am biking, carpooling, walking, or "bhiking" (a combo of bus, bike and feet power). But I'm limited still. I currently have the "Mercedes of bikes", with huge tires, a thick frame and a plastic kitchen tote on the back. I use this for getting me and my backpack around, and I used to use the tote for doing lunchtime take-out delivery service in Fremont. I track at least 50 miles a week by bike at this point, but I average around 400 a month in my car. My bike is another attempt to "green" up my lifestyle but she's no good at hauling tools!

Long story short: Feet and current wheels are not cuttin' the mustard for this gardener, and it's wearing heavy on the carbon footprint tread. Please please please take my car away and replace it with a bike actually made for transporting goods and a person. I will honor the life of my new trusty bike-friend until I can pedal no more.

AnnaLisa, rider and polluter
Seattle, WA

P.S. This image is from a car accident we were in together March 2007. I thought I was going to have to give her up because of my insurance but I kept her regardless of her lost monetary value. I love Betty and will only give her up to a good home.

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