The Book of Ballyhoo, Chapter 2


The Book of Ballyhoo, Chapter 2

Chapter 2, Book of Ballyhoo for year of our bike 2008:

1: Stop number two landed us in one of the hot spots of the bicycle movement, San Francisco. And when we say hot, I don't mean the weather. The infamous Mark Twain quote about the coldest summer rang true last weekend...and coming from a warm and extravagantly sunny, it felt cold. Was it just bad luck? Perhaps an ominous sign? Is it possible that the autodustial complex has taken control of the weather?

2: Our goal is to celebrate a wonderful invention, and in doing so rally the support of new riders, and renew the spirit of those long in the skip tooth...San Francisco is arguably one of the best towns to get around by bike due to its tight geography, easy access to the BART, and loads of bikeways...they could always use more of course! But not all is well in SF...the city is stymied by a pending EPA review to prove whether or not bike lanes cause more pollution (WTF) and trail advocacy get tougher all the time as the concrete jungle growsthe. The world has gone mad my friends, and the only saving grace we have to offer is the clear head space you find in the saddle and perhaps an adult electrolyte beverage to stave off the catabolic effects of your efforts.

3: On this 19th day of the 7th month, human power again triumphed over horse power. Even in the face of adverse weather, we had a solid congregation of riders and fans find us in the heart of Golden Gate Park's old forest and revel in the sweet sound of bike bells and rubber on the road. 300 rode into a gale force wind fresh off the Pacific Ocean, and returned thirsty, and proud. almost 4000 people total joined in the revival of all things pedal-powered.

4: Over the course of 5 hours, we rode, we rejoiced, we imbibed, and we grew stronger. For all those rolling forth upon pedaled wings revivalated, and those new to the bike were indoctrinated...and you know it was good.

5: Here's what the show's collective basket looks like:

  • We raised $18,145 in cash money for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. Ride on!
  • We saved ourselves from dumpnation by diverting 92% of our trash from hell-fill with the help of Clean Cites Coalitionâ�¦ so many people, so little trash. Ride on!
  • We also committed as a city to reduce our car miles for bike miles by joining Team Wonderbike and pledging to ride 175,896 miles instead of driving over the next year! thats a whole lotta pounds of CO2 not going in the air.
  • We got another car-free convert, Stephen Naylor who donated his 1986 Volvo for a new Black Sheep commuter bike. Ride On!
  • Hopefully we foster a stronger community for cyclists by nurturing those in the fold and those who will choose to join us.

7: Last but not least, a huge high-five to all of the blood, sweat and tears contributed by the volunteers of our partner groups. Many thanks, and to all of you a due share in this shows success.

Keep the Rubber Side Down�
Reverend C Ballyhoo, the Deacon of Freakinâ, Oscar the Gashole, our angels and demons, and of course the hardest working man in showbiz, TK.

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