Truckee.......I Love You


Truckee.......I Love You

Good people of Truckee, you should be proud of yourselves, that was a real good time. So good in fact, I wrote a haiku about the experience (and I don't just write haikus for anything, it has to be real special):
Truckee has good times
We all laughed and shared some smiles
You folks sure do shred

Team TDF had a wonderful time in your fair city as well. There were good times had at the Tourist Club (KARAOKE. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.), quiet and thoughtful times at the Truckee Book and Bean (as well as delicious coffee). Pete even found a few nice friends to taking him bouldering (and that is always a treat for him because he loves climbing on stuff..and a treat for me because his moustache makes me nervous).
Then there was the Tour De Fat (and we all know about the fun that happened there). I spent most of my day in the bike pit watching the smiles, and I was truly impressed with shear amount of unicycle talent in your town. It's as if you have to learn to ride the single wheeled party machine in order to live in Truckee (is that true? I'm not sure if it is, but man, it sure does seem like it). And the show went off, the party vibe was pleasant, the sound was good, the beer was cold, and sun was out (but not in the searing way that makes it real hot and sweaty). I'm pretty sure I had the best time I have ever had in my whole life, seriously.

I also had the great pleasure of visiting the neighboring village of Downieville (it was in this location that I seriously shredded my mountain bike, and boy-howdy was that a great time (to bad Bogan couldn't be there, because that guy also likes to shred)). The carnies rode the storied Downieville Downhill, amongst our group there were 0 flat tires, 1 bent derailleur, 4 minor crashes, 1 fairly serious crash, some real fast riding, some air, and 6 pictures to document the event. Pete had a few of the minor crashes and Oscar (the Gashole) had the other small crashes as well as taking home the prize for the big crash (he fell down one of the ledges on the 1st divide trail, i think he might still be bleeding), and I had my best day on the bike in some time. I was back to feeling confidant and strong (not to mention handsome and charismatic). It was ripping, very ripping.

Anywho, Truckee I love you, and I will see you again.

-the juice-box

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