Who knew Portland could be so warm...


Who knew Portland could be so warm...

And by warm I mean hot, super hot, like HOTT! hot.

But the good news is that after spending 35 hours working out in the direct sun, I have a killer suntan, and I think it makes me look pretty. and finally ready for summer swim wear. Up until now I have been feeling a little pasty on the arms, and my farmers tan had yet to fully blossum. After Portland all that has been taken care of, my neck is carryng a nice tomato hue and my arms are looking like the shell of a coconut, dark brown and woody, cracking in a few spots. And my legs, whooo boy. As if you didn't know, i love the jean shorts, they pretty much are my favorite summer uniform and they are cut off just a few inches above the knee, and that is the spot where my legs turn from tooth paste to a rich mahogany. This is just the summer weather I needed.

The show was great, people ducking from one shady spot to another to see music and side shows. Visiting me and the other carnies in the bike pit, saying hello, and asking Pete how is mustache stays so coifed and stylish (its a mystery, I think that he uses cement, but that is unconfirmed).

Anywho... thank you Portland, it was a real good time and all of us here around New Belgium HQ are indebted to you.
-Loving You,
Juice Box.

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