Beer, bikes and bloggers


Beer, bikes and bloggers

While we aren't the first to blog about the Democratic National Convention, it was a New Belgium first to be part of one. We are pro-bike and that's a bipartisan endeavor. Seeing as the DNC is in our backyard and they were looking to green up the convention, New Belgium was happy to imbibe. And by imbibe, we do mean beer. We helped those busy bloggers stay fluid with 4 different beers on tap.

And then there are the bikes. New Belgium offered up our fleet of 30 custom cruisers. That's a far cry from the 1,000 Bikes Belong ponied up, but the objective is the same: Bike more. Drive less.

Speaking of, New Belgium's own Team WonderBike spokesmodel is having a hey-day at the DNC. What Media Relations Director wouldn't!?

Here he is in front of our humble fleet. Stop by the Team WonderBike both and join the bike more revolution!

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