Hello world.

The TDF crew made it back to HQ safe and sound after 6 long and very continuous weeks in travel. We were greeted with high fives galore from the NBB Mothership, and they seemed genuinly pleased to see us. This pleasure could have derived from our extended absence, but more likely they know the Fort Collins Tour De Fat is next in que, and everyone around here has been looking forward to September 6th, 2008(the exact date of the upcoming TDF) since September 8th, 2007 (the exact date of the day following last year's TDF). But before ol' Juice Box jumps the gun (an awesome track and field referance (topical, seeing as how the Olympics just ended)) I should send salutations to the lovely and pronunciation conciuous people of Boise Idaho.

It only took a few minutes of being in your fine town (and I truly mean that, Boise is a fine town, I love it. It seems to have everything; nice people, lots of bikes, bars that are fun to hang out in, a great food co-op, a fantastic record store, and Buck Hunter Safari (the arcade game) behind everydoor you open) before I learned my lesson, and man did I learn my lesson.  The proper pronunciation of Boise is BOY-C, and you people are serious about that, as you should be, proper pronunciation is of utmost importance.

When I was first corrected I was saying to the very nice man behind the counter at the hotel "man, Boise (pronouced at the time BOY-Z) seems like a real cool place to be" and immediatly he responded "Boise (pronounced BOY-C, and said sort of slowly and deliberatly so I would see the error in my own pronunciation) is a real cool place to be, there is a ton of stuff to do, and great people to do those great things with, and on top of all that, there is a great many places to play Buck Hunter Safari, if you are in to such arcade games."

I thanked him for his insight, and continued to check into my room. Blown away at his civic pride, and newly aware of the proper way to pronounce Boise.

And how about that Tour De Fat.

It was fun, and outragous, and barely hotter than the sun. The stars were aligned, and everyone enjoyed every minute of it, especially me. The bike pit was huge and surrounded by a white picket fence, and i got some sweet polaroids. The bands were off the hook, and we all got to enjoy the Sprockettes last Tour De Fat show of 2008. Those women are great, the fury of all that pink and black is truly a force.

Boise you know how to party, and paired with my love to party, I imagine it is not the last time you will see the Juice Box. Thank you for the memories, and as the venerable Bette Midler once said "Boise, (with the proper BOY-C pronunciation (Ms Midler is a smart and classy woman)) you are the wind beneath my wings".

Loving you all,

the Juice Box

PS. Fort Collins get ready to share a wonderful day, I am looking forward to it.

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