I wanna trade my car for a bike in Fort Collins

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I wanna trade my car for a bike in Fort Collins

For twelve years me and my car, the Pooch, have been inseparable. We have traveled the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic, the West, and points in-between. She has been my only car and I her only owner.

For several months I have been debating the merits of buying a new car, one that handles the mountains and difficult terrain better than a Pontiac Sunfire. But when it comes down to it, I don't want to deal with car and insurance payments, gas purchases, and finding a parking spot on the street in front of my apartment (which is often nearly impossible). I thought to myself, why not go car-less? I could give it a try for at least a year to see how difficult it would be to solely rely on my own body to get me around, mass transit, and carpooling. And then I remembered the Tour de Fat, and its bike trade.

So, I, a native Michigander who, in a former life, spent 6 1/2 years car commuting to downtown Detroit, submit my application for the Tour de Fat car/bike trade.

Jenny B

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